Forward Forever

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Out now on Black Box Records

Author is a collaborative project between well-respected dubstep artists Ruckspin & Jack Sparrow. The pair are a key part of Leeds' extraordinary electronic music scene.

Ruckspin is the man in charge of sound design for the incredible Submotion Orchestra, while Jack Sparrow is known for his debut album Circadian and a string of great releases on Tectonic Recordings. The album is full of the low growls, deep sub-bass and half-step feel you would expect from a dubstep album. But it is Author's sense of composition and soundscape that makes this album as mind-blowing on a good sound system as on a pair of headphones.

Live instrumentation features heavily: trumpets, sax, guitar and a world of perfectly placed percussion layer nicely with samples and electronic drum programming. The album features guest vocals from talented MCs including Jehst, Stig of the Dump, Rider Shafique and Dan Man.

One of the many collaborative tracks is "Chant", where drum'n'bass producer June Miller steps in to add his hard hitting drum work. Regular collaborator Quark gets involved in a couple of tracks, including the dark & atmospheric "Roman".

All in all, "Forward Forever" is a cracking album. The messages delivered through MCs verses and carefully chosen samples are ones of everyday struggle, knowledge and freedom. This album stands head and shoulders above those from Author's contemporaries, who can move a dancefloor but not necessarily get your grey matter working!