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Planet on the rocks

A report in December said sea ice levels have fallen to the lowest level since satellite records began in 1979. The scientists behind the annual Arctic Report Card have said the temperature is changing faster than their ability to understand and explain it! The report said: “Accustomed to advancing our scientific disciplines at what is often called a ‘glacial’ pace, we recognise that glaciers are not so slow anymore.”

National inaction

Nazi group National Action have been banned by the government. They are known for such deeds as praising the killer of Labour MP Jo Cox and protesting against migrants. The split off from the Nazi BNP will not be missed. However, mass mobilisations, rather than state bans, are the key to beating back the far right.

No to Islamophobia

Over 100 people attended a vigil in Forest Hill, south London, after a Muslim man was stabbed on a train. The event was organised by Stand Up To racism.