French fascist danger

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Front National presidential candidate Marine Le Pen

The first round of the French presidential election takes place on Sunday 23 April. The latest polls put fascist Marine Le Pen of the Front National level with neoliberal centre candidate Emmanuel Macron, both on 26 percent. In third place is disgraced conservative Francois Fillon, who is under fire for corrupt practices. The left is last, with mainstream Parti Socialiste candidate Benoit Hamon struggling to stay ahead of far-left candidate Jean Luc Melenchon, both on 12 percent.

As in last month’s Dutch elections, the outcome is unlikely to be a positive one for those suffering under France’s neoliberal and racist policies.

The two candidates who top the polls on 23 April will go on to a second round run-off on 7 May. Even if Le Pen fails to top the first poll, she is expected to go through to the second round. Unite Against Fascism has called a protest outside the French Embassy in London on Monday 24 April and a public meeting in central London on Tuesday 2 May to protest against Le Pen.

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