SOURCE by Nubya Garcia

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SOURCE is the long-awaited debut album from Camden’s Nubya Garcia, which follows her award-winning EPs 5IVE (2017) and WHEN WE ARE (2018). The compser, saxophonist and DJ cut her teeth in groups such as Maisha and Nerjia, and made waves appearing on with Sons of Kemet’s Your Queen is a Reptile and Makaya McCraven’s Universal Beings. Working with producer Kwes, and artists including keyboardist Joe Arman-Jones and trumpeter MS Maurice, Garcia describes SOURCE as being “about my heritage, my ancestry, exploring those places and those stories from my parents and my grandparents.” Born to a Guyanese mother and Trinidadian father, she grew up surrounded by music in Camden. In SOURCE, she deals with family heritage, jazz history and collective power. While playing with new forms, the album stays true to jazz roots. The track “Pace” sees Garcia soar in her solo to dizzying heights which has drawn comparison with greats like Dexter Gordan, Sonny Rollins and Gary Bartz. The album weaves nontraditional jazz rhythms in the opening sequence, and in the track “La cumbia me está llamando”, which was recorded in Bogota. Then there’s the soul jazz of “The Message Continues” and R&B flavour to Stand With Each Other.