Caroline Clark

Samson and Delilah

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Director: Warwick Thornton, Release date: 2 April

This film begins by showing the stark reality of life for a small community of Aborigines in the desert of central Australia.

Delilah and her grandmother work together, making a constant stream of Aboriginal art for a local arts dealer. They receive almost nothing, while the white dealer makes a huge profit.

Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!

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Ralph Nader, Seven Stories Press, £17.99

Having started with the idea that a book called Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! couldn't possibly be anything but ironic, this 736-page book became practically insufferable once I realised that Ralph Nader was presenting this as a serious idea.

In fact he calls it a "practical utopia" rather than a novel, perhaps because it is utterly devoid of any literary merit. It is based on the idea that a group of retired super-rich individuals feel so passionately about the injustice they see that they decide to get together and change society.

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