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Film as a radical weapon

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Inside film

Inside Film's Deirdre O'Neill spoke to Sally Campbell about the project that enables prisoners to challenge stereotypes about their lives

What is the Inside Film project?
We work with prisoners and ex-prisoners and those on parole, enabling them to make their own films and providing them with a practical and theoretical grounding.

Why did you choose to work with prisoners and ex-prisoners?
When I had the idea for the project seven years ago I was working part time in Wandsworth prison teaching key skills through film studies. It was a really popular course but we were limited in what we could do because it was geared towards getting the qualification.

Miliband's losing election strategy

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Last month’s Labour Party conference was a moribund affair, judging by all reports. “Despair” is a word that crops up repeatedly. “Ennui” has also been noted.

Labour MPs should have been upbeat after securing a No vote in the Scottish referendum. After all, Gordon Brown became the toast of the Union when he emerged from his monk-like retreat to head up the “great pledge” for DevoMax.

But the morning after the vote left Labour looking like the biggest loser.

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