Farhang Tabrizi

Building Up Illusions in Iran

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The left should not be surprised at Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad's election in Iran.

Peyman Jafari's excellent article, 'The Other Iran' (September SR), shows that the theocratic regime has been unable to dampen down the class struggle since the 1979 revolution when the Shah was overthrown. However, there are four points which need to be highlighted:

(1) The split among the ruling class is a result of the struggle by workers, students and women in Iran which has forced differences within the religious hierarchy towards the politicians in parliament.

Towards an Iranian Resolution

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In her article (July/August SR) Elaheh Rostami Povey provides a general picture of recent protests in Iran.

However, it is important to make some specific points clear. The article suggests that next in line in Iran is regime change, but it is not clear how this is going to be possible.

The struggle has taken momentum because the so called revolutionary regime and its later reformist leaders such as President Khatami have failed to deliver what they promised when they gained power. The polarisation between rich and poor not only did not disappear as promised during the revolution, it has in fact widened - 20 percent of the population are now earning over 45 percent of total income.

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