Mark Dunk

April will be the cruelest month

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A raft of attacks on benefits are set to come into force this April. These will affect millions of the poorest people in Britain and will have a major impact on people's ability to put food on the table, pay domestic bills or meet their rent, argues Mark Dunk.

The "bedroom tax"
Changes to housing benefit rules will see thousands of households forced to pay an extra £60-80 a month just to stay in their homes. The scheme punishes people of working age in council or housing association properties for having "extra" bedrooms. This is despite the likelihood of a tenant having a spare room being due more to the limited housing stock available in any particular area than to any choice they make.

State Crime

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Alan Doig, Willan, £22.99

Pitched as a primer on the topic of state crime, this book has a particular focus on Britain. Alan Doig introduces discussions on the nature of the state and what constitutes a crime. To do this he uses a wide-ranging series of historical examples and case studies before moving on to question what can be done about state crime.

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