Michael McDonnell

The World Bank

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Eric Toussaint, Pluto, £16.99

Since its foundation in 1946 the World Bank has been used by Western governments and corporations to extract wealth from the poorest countries. Eric Toussaint, president of the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM), explains in this book how the World Bank plays this role and why the enormous amount of "debt" paid to it each year should be cancelled immediately.

Rhetoric and Practice

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Review of 'The Politics of Human Rights', Tony Evans, Pluto Press £14.99

This book aims to explain 'the disjuncture between the rhetoric and practice of universal human rights'. It is a radical critique of how the sorts of rights which dominate human rights discourse have, in effect, become the rights of the rich to steal from the poor. Whereas most experts on human rights focus on the abstract philosophy of rights or human rights law, Tony Evans's concern is to address the principles behind mainstream ideas on human rights.

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