Richard Stephens

Hunting for a Religious War

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After completing an essay on the question, 'Can there be objectivity in history?' and after reading Paul McGarr's review of EH Carr's 'What is History?' (January SR), I was rather angry and grinding my teeth at Tristram Hunt's English Civil War series on television.

Tristram Hunt was wandering around Britain trying to make history 'trendy' but managed to butcher the subject. Sometimes the history that is taught to history students (like myself) is performed by a group of charlatans. This is not to say that history cannot be 'trendy', but many students have to endure endless rehashing and regurgitation of facts. I would like to see more objectivity in academia, but it is dominated by liberal empiricism and/or quasi-postmodernists--although I do know that there are some Marxist academics swimming against the tide.

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