Roger Huddle

Alexander Rodchenko: Revolution in Photography

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Hayward Gallery, London, Until 27 April

This exhibition is dedicated to the photographic work of Alexander Rodchenko, and even today, almost 100 years on, living in a society overflowing with images, his photographs are still fresh, still have a sense of wonder and relevance. This comes from what they record - an epoch of revolution and defeat, of hope and despair.

Anti-Fascism: That Was Then, This is Now

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Music Against the Nazis - Rock against Racism in the 1970s and Love Music Hate Racism today.

Rock Against Racism - 1970s
by Roger Huddle

It is very important that we consider the establishment of Rock Against Racism in the wider political and historical context. 1976 was a year of major social upheavals, with the introduction by a Labour government of the Social Contract. It was also the year that saw a real rise of the Nazi National Front.


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