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A reply to 'Labour Left the Building'

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Simon Hester’s letter in the January SR Labour Left the Building takes us to task for exaggerating the Labour Left’s resistance to Corbyn’s expulsion and ‘taking a toothcomb to the EHRC report on antisemitism instead of looking at the broader political objectives of Starmer’. However, he has underestimated the level of anger at the Labour Party grass-roots. Almost 20% of CLPs voted to express solidarity with Corbyn and/or no confidence in Starmer.

Is there a future for activists outside the Labour Party?

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The question of a parliamentary road to socialism has never been more important than now, but has it reached a dead end? Socialist Review asks Labour Party members, activists and campaigners for their assessment.

Socialist Review posed these three questions: 1. Do you agree Starmer is using the EHRC report to attack the left generally and Corbyn’s suspension is the first salvo in this? How serious do you think the attack will be? 2. Seamus Milne and others have argued the left should break away from the Labour Party and form a new, left wing version. What are your thoughts? 3. After the defeat of Corbyn and the take over and agenda of Starmer, is the Labour Party still a parliamentary road to socialism?
Moshe Machover, longstanding Israeli academic and writer:

Can the Labour right destroy Corbyn and muzzle the left?

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Sabby Sagall and Lee Humber examine the EHRC report and talk to Labour party members, former members and other organisations about antisemitism slurs and the future for socialists

A cross the left, Keir Starmer’s attacks on Jeremy Corbyn following the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report into antisemitism in the Labour party have met with widespread condemnation. In November, Camden Momentum in north London passed a motion calling on the 33 Campaign MPs in the party to resign the whip if Corbyn is not immediately reinstated. They also proposed Momentum National Coordinating Group should encourage unions to disaffiliate if Corbyn is expelled.

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