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Five things to get or see in March

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Banksy - Yesterday you Said Tomorrow - Rome, Open City - Shaped by War - Really Old, like 45

Exit through the Gift Shop
Film, out now

Street artist Banksy makes his directorial debut with this new film.

It's the story of a French shopkeeper turned fan who films Banksy at work and then makes a fortune by turning graffiti artist himself, milking buyers for his derivative art. It promises to reveal much about Banksy without actually revealing him.

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow
CD by Christian Scott

Five things for February

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Van Gogh - Slaves - Afro Modern - Birdwatchers - Enron

The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and his Letters
Royal Academy of Arts, London, until 13 April

This wonderful exhibition brings to London paintings never or rarely seen here alongside Van Gogh's more familiar images and a series of sketches and drawings. Alongside the works of art are 35 letters which give insights into Van Gogh's ideas and methods, his choice of colours and why, for example, he wanted to bend a peasant to the contours of the field he was working.

Theatre 503, London, until 20 February

Five things for December

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World Press Photo - District 9 - Hurt Locker - Miners' Tapes - Ashmolean Museum

World Press Photo 2009
Southbank Centre, until 13 December

This year's annual competition for press photography received 96,268 entries from 5,508 photojournalists in 124 countries. This exhibition features 196 of the best press photos of the year, and it's free to get in.

District 9
DVD, out 28 December

Pete Jackson's latest science fiction film about aliens stranded in South Africa and the scapegoating they face is a commentary on civil liberties and racism.

Five things to get or see this month

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Revolution on paper - Ms Understood - Age of Stupid - Bonjour - This Much is True

Revolution on Paper
Until 5 April 2010

The British Museum hosts an exhibition celebrating Mexican printmaking, with work by artists including Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Drawing attention to the political underpinnings of some of the most iconic images of the last hundred years, many produced by communist collectives, the collection locates this upsurge in creative output within the tumult of the 1910 Mexican Revolution.

Five things to get or see in October

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London Film Festival - Richard Hawley - Africa in motion - Anish Kapoor - The Grapes of Wrath

London Film Festival
From 14 to 29 October various venues, London

From the much awaited premier of The Men Who Stare at Goats and film master Jacques Audiard's latest work The Prophet to less known rich pickings from world cinema, the London Film Festival 2009 promises to be excellent. We'll report back from the screening rooms in our next issue.

Truelove's Gutter
Richard Hawley

Five things to get or see this month

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In the Loop - Miners' Strike - Thomas Paine - Picasso - Monkeys

In the Loop

Out now

Armando Iannucci's vicious satire against the politicians in Whitehall and the White House. If you are looking for a deeply meaningful dissection of imperialism you won't find it here, but for a satisfying lampooning of modern politicians' spineless self-interest you could do far worse.

Five Things to get or see this summer

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Mad men - Newspapers - Antichrist - Edinburgh - Revolutionary Road

Mad Men
DVD, season 2

Out now

It's Valentine's Day 1962, two years after season one ended, Kennedy is now president and the Cuban missile crisis looms. This hugely atmospheric and gripping television series continues with marital breakdowns and looming political upheavals.

Newspaper archive

Read the first issue of The Chartist from 2 February 1839, or accounts of the Matchgirls' Strike, on this massively expanded archive of newspapers both local and national from the 19th century.

Five things for May...

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King's Horseman - Good Shit - LMHR - Frost/Nixon - Trouble the Water

Death and the King's Horseman
National Theatre, London

Until 17 June

Nobel winning author Wole Soyinka's play is set in Nigeria at the end of the British Empire. A great chief has died, and now his horseman is to kill himself to accompany him to the land of the dead - until the British rulers intervene. This moving play mixes Nigerian culture with Greek tragedy.

Five things to get or see this month

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Mongrel - Gomorrah - Seven Jewish Children - Le Corbusier - Manufacturing Consent

On tour;

Mongrel's debut album, Better Than Heavy, is a powerful fusion of hip-hop and indie. The Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy meets the Clash, and a love child of last year's Love Music Hate Racism carnival.

The supergroup includes John McClure of Reverand and the Makers, Drew McConnell from Babyshambles, ex-Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson and rapper Lowkey.


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