Third World Report (Africa)

South Africa: Burning Anger in the Townships


There has been an explosion of riots and community uprisings across South Africa for more than 18 months.

Townships and squatter camps have been in flames as thousands of poor people burnt down local government buildings and fought against the police. These protests express the growing frustration among black South Africans at the dreadful state of public services, and their bitterness with the government.

Zimbabwe: Future of the MDC Hangs in the Balance

Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the country's biggest opposition force, is in deep crisis.

At a conference expected soon, there is likely to be blood-letting between factions organised around two men, each of whom claims to be the party's leader. Morgan Tsvangirai and Gibson Sibanda, who have been the MDC's leader and deputy leader for more than five years, are now bitterly at odds. The immediate cause was a push by Tsvangirai for the party to boycott last year's senate elections. He argued that effective democracy no longer existed in Zimbabwe and that participation would simply prettify president Robert Mugabe's crimes.


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