Socialist Review issue

April 2011 #357

How do we beat the Tories


by Kevin Devine

Much of the coverage of John Hutton's proposals for what amounts to a major attack on public sector pensions concentrates (rightly) on the planned...

by Estelle Cooch

What does the London School of Economics (LSE) have in common with Mariah Carey?

by Martin Empson

The true extent of the destruction that followed the Japanese earthquake and tsunami is only just being
seen. But it is clear that many...

by Patrick Ward

With the impending wedding of well-known aristocrats William Windsor and Catherine Middleton, it's a shame that other events took priority in this...

by Patrick Ward

Security contractor G4S has released a charity song to show that there's a softer side to it than just providing armed guards to Western oil firms...


Martin Smith

The TUC march against the cuts can become a springboard for strikes on a scale that can begin to break the government's austerity drive. Martin Smith looks at the debates inside the trade union...

Julie Sherry

"Day X for the NHS" on 9 March saw, for the first time in over a decade, 1,000 health workers taking to the streets of London. They came in scrubs and white coats, marching past the banks chanting...

Charlie Kimber

The Tories want to do a lot more than just slash public spending. They want to fundamentally recast the nature of the relationship between the state and society. Charlie Kimber looks at what's at...

Simon Assaf

Libya's revolution faces stark choices. Simon Assaf looks at the roots of Gaddafi's regime and the danger posed by Western intervention

Tim Nelson

The arrival of Saudi Arabian troops has raised the stakes for Bahrain's fledgling revolution. Tim Nelson reports on the uprising in the Middle East's smallest state


Letter from
by Phil Gasper

Attacks on state employees in Wisconsin by Republican governor Scott Walker has reignited the class struggle, reports Phil Gasper

In my view column
by Michael Rosen

With David Cameron's words on multiculturalism still reverberating round the gutters, now's a good time to take a second look at the word "culture".

In perspective column
by Weyman Bennett

Thirty years ago the Brixton riots heralded a wave of unrest in Britain's inner cities that terrified our rulers and helped forge black and white unity

Revolutionary Lessons
by Mariam Green

Mariam Green looks at how a revolution can split the army

Culture column
by Dalia S Mostafa, by Aisha Khalil

Our occupation of Tahrir Square created a massive resistance-laden space for chants, songs, posters and placards. As the days passed, and as Hosni Mubarak refused to go, we became even more...


Rosa Luxemborg - Tunisia - Banking


by Ian Birchall

Jean-René Chauvin was a French Trotskyist who lived through, and participated in, some of the 20th century's most dramatic events. Ian Birchall looks at his life


by Mark L Thomas, by James McPherson

The US Civil War began 150 years ago in April 1861. It ended with the abolition of slavery in the Southern states. Mark L Thomas spoke to historian James McPherson about this turning point in US...


by Jamie Pitman

Nicholas Shaxson

by Andrew Stone

Gerrard Winstanley, introduced by Tony Benn

by John Rose

Simon Sebag Montefiore

by Chris Curran

Kalinda Ashton

by Peter Dwyer

Hein Marais

by Sarah Ensor

Sara Paretsky

by Max Brophy

Clare Solomon and Tania Palmieri (eds)

by Andy Brown

James D Cockcroft

by Charlotte Bence

Anthony Quinn


The Adventures of Unemployed Man - A Bomb in Every Issue - Anne Frank - Conquered City

by Keira Brown

Director Jim Loach
Release date: 1 April

by Ken Olende

Director Jennifer Arnold
Release date: 15 April

by Sian Ruddick

Director Jerzy Skolimowski
Release date: 1 April

by Rachel Thomas

Mark Thomas
On tour

by Adam Marks

Release date: out now

Art / Exhibitions
by Colin Wilson

This exhibition showcases over 200 objects from Afghanistan, many of them of great beauty, produced between 4,000 and 1,800 years ago

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

The Barbican, London
until 22 May

Five Things Listing

Bootleg Volume 2 - Willesden Green and Other Pictures - BFI - Of Gods and Men - Brighton Rock