Socialist Review issue

April 2014 #390



by Mark L Thomas
George Osborne's budget last month was better received than his disastrous "omnishambles" budget of two years ago. That was attacked from the left...
by Martin Upchurch
Twenty years ago Bosnia was at the bloody heart of the Yugoslav civil wars. The war ended when the country was divided along "ethnic" lines by the...


Rob Ferguson

Russia's annexation of Crimea, and the rising tensions between east and west, marks an era of heightened competition between rival imperial powers, argues Rob Ferguson.

Sabby Sagall

For several centuries the history of Ukraine has been one of invasion, occupation and domination by successive local foreign powers, and resistance to them.

Donny Gluckstein

The current spate of local disputes provides a glimpse of the potential for a fightback. Donny Gluckstein reports on the successful strike at Edinburgh College.

Julie Sherry

Julie Sherry draws out the wider lessons of the spate of local disputes.

John Molyneux

The counter-revolution in Egypt, together with the confused outcome of the upheavals in Ukraine, has revived the old argument that real popular power is impossible. John Molyneux explains why this...

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor looks at the life and politics of one of the most important and iconic figures of the post-war Labour left

Paul Blackledge

Can Marxism help us make sense of sport? Paul Blackledge mines Tony Collins's Sport in Capitalist Society and Michael Lavalette's collection Capitalism and Sport for some answers.

Dave Gibson

This month marks the centenary of the Ludlow Massacre when US national guardsmen killed 20 striking miners and their families in Colorado. This is the story of one of the most violent episodes in...


In my view column
by John Rose

Lenin's critical response to Rosa Luxemburg's Junius pamphlet

Culture column
by Tracy Martin
The format of the TV police procedural has always been a good vehicle for writers to express criticism of society. Its basic principle is that agents of the state, usually cynical and damaged...


by Richard - Unite rep, by Tony Phillips
Unity in action Charlie Kimber's explanation of why immigration does not lower wages was excellent (Socialist Review, March 2014). If immigrants are supposed to lower wages, then you would...


by Danny Dorling, by Eileen Short

All that is Solid, published by Allen Lane, £20.00


Art / Exhibitions
by Kate Douglas

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, until 22 June

Art / Exhibitions
by Ben Windsor

Iniva, Gallery London, until 17 May

by Sally Campbell

Director: Richard Ayoade, Released 4 April

by Hamza Sharif

Director: Morgan Neville, Out now

by Lee Billingham

Suburban Base Records, box set out now on CD or download

by Phil Webster

Ben Macintyre, Bloomsbury, £20.00

by Noel Halifax

David M Halperin, Belkap Press, £14.95

by Greg Jones

Jacek Hugo-Bader, Portobello Books, £16.99

by Sasha Simic

Harry Patterson, Five Leaves, £9.99

by Rachel Cohen

Lynne Segal, Verso, £16.99

Classic reads
by Peter Robinson

In August 1914 the Second International grouping of socialist parties failed its most important test with catastrophic consequences.

Nearly all the leaders of European socialism collapsed...