Socialist Review issue

April 2018 #434

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Ripples of Resistance


by Sally Campbell
Could a spectre be haunting Europe once again? As we go to press millions of public sector workers in France — including teachers, civil servants,...
by Simon Guy
On 20 April, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre, students throughout the US will walk out of school again to demand action...
by John Parrington
John Sulston, who died on 6 March, was a pioneering biologist and a passionate life-long advocate for socialism. Sulston spent his formative...


Jane Coles, Julie Hearn and Camilla Royle

The remarkable strike by university staff in the UCU union has involved whole new layers of workers in struggle and raised much wider political issues than the pension scheme dispute that is...

Alan Gibson

The process of negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union is getting no easier for the Tories as time goes on. Alan Gibson looks at the perpetual backing-down Theresa May and her ministers...

Simon Gilbert

Chinese workers are on the move, often provoked by unpaid wages, long hours and rotten, dangerous working conditions. Simon Gilbert looks at whether there is potential for the host of seperate...

Mark Thomas

Much has been written about how globalisation has rendered workers powerless. American socialist Kim Moody’s important new book on the restructuring of capital in the past four decades argues that...

John Newsinger

John Newsinger, author of a new book on George Orwell’s politics, looks at how his stance as an independent socialist led him to great radicalism and terrible betrayal.

Sabby Sagall
During the latter part of the 19th century and first years of the 20th, the European country which witnessed the most severe antisemitism was not Germany but the Russian Empire. The Tsarist state...


by Bob Fotheringham
The first Scottish Labour conference with Richard Leonard as its leader took place in Dundee last month. Delegates were treated to speeches from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, shadow chancellor John...


by Peter Keighron
Naima Omar’s article on religion and socialism (March SR) was fascinating and illustrated a consistency in practice from socialists, stretching over a century, in support of those who are under...
by Keith Cargill
I supported Remain in the EU referendum. After reading Charlie Kimber’s article (“Tories out before 2022?”, February SR) I have not changed my mind. I believe that a second referendum should be held...


by Nike Johnson, by Adeola Johnson

Fifty years ago on 4 April 1968, Atlanta-born King was murdered. To commemorate this massive loss to anti-racists and revolutionaries Yuri Prasad correctly argues that it is essential to rescue...

by Lois Browne

Racism, as we know, is a long-contested debate, issue and argument that has morphed throughout the centuries in Britain. Hirsch, who is of mix-race heritage, uses this as a starting point to open...

by Brian Richardson

“Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama’s running so we all can fly.” Rap mogul Jay Z’s words reflected not just the “Yes we can!”...

by Tony Phillips

This fascinating book builds on the work of Marxists such as John Bellamy Foster to argue that Karl Marx’s thought is central to understanding that humanity’s destruction of the planet is due to...

by Alan Gibson

With the Labour Party’s swelling membership amid continuing tensions between the Labour’s left and right wings, a book that addresses the fortunes of socialists in the party could not be more...

by Rebecca Townesend

Francis Combes lays out his ideological stall in the first poem, which stands alone, outside of the four sections that follow. In “No, the Earth is Not Round” he writes, “And the world goes...

by Shaun Doherty

Bernard Regan has produced a timely and well researched analysis of the Balfour Declaration of November 1917. The declaration stated unequivocally the British government’s support for the “...

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

Another Kind of Life is a large and ambitious exhibition. There are works by 20 photographers, covering a period from the 1960s to the present.

The people depicted cover a huge range of...

by Andrea Butcher

Film thrillers have stiff competition these days. When you can watch really great box sets with ten or 15 episodes on All 4 or Netflix, trying to cram a convincing story into an hour and a half is...

Art / Exhibitions
by Sheila McGregor

This exhibition of artists’ responses to conflict since the terrorist attacks in the US on 11 September 2001 ranges from sculpture to video installations.

It includes well known pieces...

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Roxanne Roxanne
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A biopic about the early life of Roxanne Shanté, rap’s first female star. This...