Socialist Review issue

December 2002 #269

Time to take sides


by Dave Osler

Back in the 1970s, tanker owner Aristotle Onassis was the richest man in the world, and as infamous a personification of big capital as Bill Gates...

Missing missiles - Astronaut for £200 a month - Buy a Daimler for grain - Enron signs removed from Houston

by Andrew Stone

When New Labour proclaims its concern for the low paid it is usually a sign that it's about to attack higher education.

by Mary Black

The British National Party (BNP) win in the Mill Hill ward council by-election in Blackburn has shocked and angered people.

French trade unionists sent a 'social alert' to the right wing government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin recently.

How's this for a choice: admit you have weapons of mass destruction--and we bomb you. Or deny that you have such weapons--and we bomb you anyway,...

by Editorial

George W Bush and Tony Blair are resolved to bring devastating war to the people of Iraq.


Lindsey German

The firefighters' strike has put class struggle back on the agenda.

Mike Gonzalez

The hugely successful Florence European Social Forum showed a new face of politics in Europe.

Goretti Horgan

Like war and the rebuilding of the European left, the question of the role of women in the fight for a different world ran through the European Social Forum. At least half the delegates were women...

Mark L Thomas

The British ruling class is hitched to the US war machine--a sign of Britain's long-term decline.

Sabby Sagall

Top of the league for weapons of mass destruction is the US, and the biggest danger in the Middle East is Israel.

Charlie Kimber

The US is eyeing up Africa's oil.


by Martin Empson

One of the biggest problems facing users of the internet is viruses.

by The Walrus

Attacks on the firefighters and PFI go hand in glove in the name of modernisation.

by Chris Harman

To ban parties from the movement would only benefit established parties.

by Mike Gonzalez

Byron struck an image that still enthrals many. Mike Gonzalez traces the sources of his popularity.

by Pat Stack

The ghosts of Xmas past are haunting Pat Stack.


by Rory Hearne

The fallout from the European Social Forum (November SR) is huge.

by Tom Whittaker

It is likely that Florence will go down in history as one of the great gatherings of the European left.

by Colin Yates

As a member of the CWU I can say what a massive difference it has been to have had Billy Hayes as our general secretary.

by Mike Hobart

Like many reviewers, Lee Billingham uses a music column (October SR) to write about the lyrics of songs rather than about the music itself.

by Dave Renton

The problem I had with Lee Billingham's article on music (October SR) and Muhammad Salleh's letter (November SR) is that both of them said, 'Buy this band, they're political.'

by Muhammad Salleh

The Malaysian constitution guarantees the right of every citizen to establish a society or party, and freedom to associate.


by John Parrington

Review of 'The Final Frontier', Dominick Jenkins, Verso £19

by Shaun Doherty

Review of 'The Secret History of the IRA', Ed Moloney, Penguin £20 and 'Sinn Fein', Brian Feeney, O'Brian £11.99

by Chris Harman

Review of 'Marx and Engels: Collected Works Volume 49', Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Lawrence and Wishart £45

by Colin Wilson

Review of 'Shakespeare is Hard, but So is Life', Fintan O'Toole, Granta £6.99

by Dragan Plavsic

Review of 'Milosevic: A Biography', Adam LeBor, Bloomsbury £20

by Judy Cox

Review of 'Albion', Peter Ackroyd, Chatto and Windus £25

by Susan Ram

Review of 'At what Cost?', Rachel Morris and Luke Clements, The Policy Press £18.99

by Kevin Best

Review of 'The Quiet American', director Phillip Noyce

by Farah Reza

Review of 'Anita and Me', director Metin Hüseyin

by Andy Ridley

Review of 'Dirty Pretty Things', director Stephen Frears

by Andrew Stone

Review of the London Film Festival

by Ian Stone

Review of 'Dinner' by Moira Buffini, National Theatre, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Chris Harman

Review of exhibition 'Aztecs', Royal Academy, London