Socialist Review issue

December 2008 #331

After Barack Obama's historic victory:


by Patrick Ward

Unemployment has risen to its highest level since 1997, and is set to continue increasing dramatically in the near future as the recession starts...

by Patrick Ward

Voters in Glenrothes backed Labour in a surprise by-election win last month. The victory in itself was not the only boost for the beleaguered...

by Charlie Kimber

The scale of the crisis, and the avalanche of job losses, underlines the need for the working class to fight. This is why it was so disappointing...

by Des Freedman

By the time you read this, "Sachsgate" - the events that culminated in the suspension of two of the BBC's highest-profile presenters and the...

by Patrick Ward

They leech off the system, destroy public services, and bring unemployment and now they're threatening to come to Britain. But this is one group...

by Patrick Ward

The impact of the economic crisis over the past year has led to a significant change in our phone habits according to recent figures from...

by Hossam el-Hamalawy

Historically regarded as one of the state's tools of repression, Egypt's property tax collectors are today spearheading the fight for independent...


Jonathan Neale

What will Barack Obama's presidency bring? That depends on the balance of forces argues Jonathan Neale.

David Hilliard

Barack Obama as president symbolises change and finally something I'd consider a revolutionary transformation.

Gary Younge

I was with an African American guy on the morning of the election; a thoughtful working class guy who must have been in his 50s. When I asked him what it felt like to come out from voting he...

Joe Bageant

I always say that if Obama was delivered to the White House with Jesus Christ, a five-piece band and six gilded seraphims holding up his fucking balls he still won't be able to do anything because...

Verity Burgmann

I am normally a Politics professor, but in late October I entered a parallel universe doing "participant-observer research" as a Democratic Party activist in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Manning Marable

What are Barack Obama's political roots? Manning Marable considers his historic election and argues that he is part of a new generation of post-racial black politicians.

Noam Chomsky

As he reaches his 80th birthday this month, Noam Chomsky looks at Barack Obama's victory, today's economic crisis and his memories of a childhood shaped by the 1930s Depression.

Mike Gonzalez

Studs Terkel was that rare thing - a sensitive, thoughtful and attentive listener.


Letter from
by Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali reports from Baquba on the treatment of Iraqi people at the hands of the US military.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

One of the most popular placards on any Stop the War demonstration in the past few years has been Socialist Worker's image of George W Bush with the slogan "World's #1 Terrorist". It's not...

Union-made column
by Larry Brown

We have just concluded a 57 day strike. People have really sacrificed over that period. But it felt good to conclude it with a significant win and even over job security - where the company seemed...

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

The efforts of governments and central bankers to prop up the financial system and make workers pay for the crisis can be derailed by rising anger.

A-Z of Socialism
by Donny Gluckstein

"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!" English poet William Wordsworth's reaction to the fall of the Bastille in 1789 conveys the exhilaration of those precious...


by Alasdair Smith

Shaun Doherty outlined the developments in the government's academies privatisation plans (Frontlines, Socialist Review,...

by Simon Guy

If you thought short selling was crazy enough now check out "naked short selling". (The value of money, Socialist Review,...

by Colin Wilson

Tom Davies is entitled to have a low opinion of Francis Bacon (Feedback, Socialist Review, November 2008)....

by Max Clark

Mike Gonzalez paints Andy Warhol as a passive huckster of art (Culture, Socialist Review, October 2008). I...

by Rachel Eborall

Over the past month we have seen the effect the economic crisis on the lives of working class people with rising job losses and home repossessions (How will the crisis affect people's lives?, ...


by Jim Wolfreys

Belgian directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne talk to Jim Wolfreys about the solidarity that transcends the tragedies of existence facing their characters and their latest film, The Silence of...


by Paul Blackledge

István Mészáros, Monthly Review Press, £16.95

by Clare Fermont

Toussaint L'Ouverture, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Verso, £7.99

by Nicola Field

Evelio Rosero, Maclehose Press, £14.99

by Alan Gibson

Neil Hanson, Great Northern Books, £18.99

by Keith Flett

John Charlton, Tyne Bridge Publishing, £10

by Beth Stone

Gillian Slovo, Virago, £17.99

by Miriam Scharf

Abdel Bari Atwan, Saqi, £20

by Simon Hester

Leo Zeilig, Haus, £9.99

by Sarah Murdock

Hassan Mahamdallie, Redwords, £7.99

by Bea Leal

Wafaa Bilal and Kari Lydersen, City Lights Books, £14.99

by Alan Watts

Joe Bageant, Portobello, £8.99


Desiring Arabs - Blind Willie McTell - Fire in the Blood - Born Free

by Richard Seymour

Wolfgang Sofsky, Princeton University Press, £11.95

by Louis Bayman

Director: Alex Gibney; Release date: 19 December

by Judith Orr

Directors: Tia Lessin and Carl Deal; Release date: 5 December

by Anna Gluckstein

Director: Kenneth Glenaan; Release date: 5 December

by John Newsinger

The Xmas holidays will bring The Wizard of Oz onto TV once again. John Newsinger looks at the life of socialist Yip Harburg who wrote the song "Over the Rainbow".

Art / Exhibitions
by Mark O'Brien

South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Five Things Listing

Gethsemane - War made Easy - Devil's whore - Q-Tip - Taking liberties