Socialist Review issue

December 2011 #364

Why workers can change the world


by Jane Hardy

The growing crisis in the eurozone has left many observers and politicians reaching for apocalyptic language. The Financial Times's leading...

by Roddy Slorach

The government has pledged to reform incapacity benefit after an almost fivefold increase in the number of claimants since the late 1970s.


Paul Blackledge

Karl Marx's claim that the working class has the power to change the world is perhaps his most important contribution to socialist theory. Before Marx workers were viewed at best as victims of the...

Eric Fretz

Eric Fretz reports from New York on how the Occupy movement has transformed the mood in the USA.

Megan Trudell

The depth of the devastation of ordinary American lives means that the divisions between workers and protesters that existed in the 1960s have collapsed, writes Megan Trudell

Leo Zeilig

Fifty years ago this month Algerian psychoanalyst and revolutionary Frantz Fanon died - just as his most famous book, The Wretched of the Earth, was published. Leo Zeilig looks back at Fanon's...

John Newsinger

On 3 October, at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference, education secretary Michael Gove went out of his way to sing the praises of Rupert Murdoch. Gove admitted that he remained "...


In my view column
by Estelle Cooch

In the August edition of Socialist Review I wrote about the crises that have hit successive ruling class institutions, from parliament to the banks. Few would have predicted that the next pillar...

In perspective column
by Rehad Desai

The Kyoto Protocols are set to become an empty shell following the 17th meeting of the UN Convention on Climate Change ("COP 17") in Durban.

Revolutionary Lessons
by Josh Hollands

Josh Hollands argues that a revolutionary party can play a crucial role in helping workers to organise against the system

Culture column
by Jeff Jackson

"Once more he looked intently at this new city, not wanting to forget it or to be mistaken, but the buildings stood clear as before, as if around them lay not the murk of Russian air but a cool...


Indignation Maybe being an historian I am stickler for detail, but the 15 October was not called in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, whatever the BBC, Al Jazeera and, now it appears, SR (...


by Estelle Cooch, by Jack Farmer, by Owen Jones

Estelle Cooch and Jack Farmer spoke to Owen Jones, a left wing member of the Labour Party and author of Chavs, about New Labour, capitalism and the demonisation of the working class

by Anne Alexander

The left and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian Doctors' Union

A rank and file slate, including socialists, won major successes in recent elections to Egypt's Doctors' Union, long a...


by Sarah Young

Henry Heller

by Mark Bergfeld

Lucio Magri

by Andy Cunningham

Terry Pratchett

by Ruth Lorimer

Danny Dorling

by Shaun Doherty

Tommy McKearney

by Julie Filer

Ian Angus and Simon Butler

by Sarah Robertson

Karlene Faith

by Colin Wilson

First published in 1976

by Camilla Royle

Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within broke records when it was released in Brazil in 2010. It was the country's highest grossing film ever and one of the most successful Latin American films ever made...

by Sian Ruddick

Remastered edition out now.

by Ruairi O'Neill

National Theatre until 26 February 2012

Art / Exhibitions
by Angela Stapleford

One of the starting points for this publication of the Magnum photo-collective's impressive collection of contact sheets and the accompanying exhibition is that this once intrinsic part of...

Art / Exhibitions
by Siobhan Brown

Using collections from the Women's Library and strengthened by material from the TUC, this exhibition attempts to cover 150 years of work performed by women and, in part, their resistance.

Art / Exhibitions
by Christine Lewis

The British Museum until 19 February