Socialist Review issue

December 2013 #386

Unpopular Capitalism


by Shaun Doherty
A chorus of condemnation has greeted David Cameron's launch of an inquiry into trade union tactics in the wake of the Grangemouth affair. Unite...
by Simon Assaf
The deal between the so-called P5+1 (the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) and Iran represents a recalibration of power...
by John Sinha
The end of November saw the release of the government's statistics on winter deaths. Cold weather is a killer in the UK. An estimated 31,100 "excess...
by Dave Merrick
This article considers the US health care system as it stands, and then considers what the Affordable Care Act and the Patient Protection Act, (known...


Mark L Thomas

Has the neoliberal ideological offensive succeeded in winning the battle of ideas in society? Not according to recent surveys, writes Mark L Thomas. Two new polls suggest that the majority of...

Mark L Thomas
The obvious question, given the popular hostility to neoliberalism, is why isn't there a higher level of fightback especially in the workplace against austerity and an unprecedented assault on...
Anne Alexander

On the third anniversary of the Arab Spring the revolutions stand at a crossroads. Over the next three months Socialist Review will be exploring the politics and development of these popular...

Fathi Chamki, Mokhtar Ben Hafsa, Jaouhar Tonsy

Fathi Chamkhi is a member of the Popular Front coalition, and Mokhtar Ben Hafsa is a school teacher and union activist. They spoke to Jaouhar Tonsy about the struggle for the Tunisian revolution...

Mike Haynes

Bankers have become among the most hated section of the population, but mainly because of the huge rewards they continue to give themselves despite the massive financial crisis they caused. Mike...


In my view column
by John Newsinger

Boris Johnson presents himself as a comical toff in touch with the people. John Newsinger takes a look behind the mask at the great hope of the Tory right.

In my view column
by Amy Leather

The call for revolution by the comedian and actor Russell Brand in his interview with Jeremy Paxman has had a wide reasonance. Amy Leather looks at what this tells us about the radical mood in...


Intersectionality and the niqab Following Sally Campbell's article on intersectionality (Socialist Review, October 2013) I wanted to give an example of the SWP's approach to a group of women at the...


by Pete Alexander

South Africa is in the grip of a high level of protests and strikes. Socialist Review spoke to Pete Alexander, a South African based socialist and academic, about the nature of the protests.


by Andrea Butcher

Published by Old Street, £25

by John Duff

Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks, Oneworld Publications, £12.99

by Alan Kenny

Dave Eggers, Hamish Hamilton, 18.99

by Lucy Lethbridge

Susheila Nasta and Florian Stadtler, Westbourne Press, £20 pounds

by Simon Basketter

Alexander Cockburn, Verso, £20

by Tomas Tengely-Evans

Faisal Islam, Head of Zeus, £15.99

by Senan Mortell

Inside the Rainbow, editors Julian Rothenstein and Olga Budashevskaya, Redstone Press, 35 pounds; Red Spectres, editor Muireann Maguire, Angel Classics, 12.95; Sound in Z, Andrei Smirnov,...

Classic reads
by Claire Dissington

Trotsky wrote this series of articles in extraordinary times. Germany in the 1930s was hit by a massive crisis that crippled the economy and drove unemployment up to 6 million.

In the...

by Ellie May

Director Abdellatif Kechiche - Out now!

by Rhys Williams

Director Sophie Fiennes
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by Richard Donnelly
by Dave Randall

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by Siobhan Brown

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