Socialist Review issue

February 2012 #366

The generals, the islamists, and the Egyptian Revolution


by Estelle Cooch

The brainchild of Mario Draghi, president of the ECB, the scheme ended up doling out 489 billion euros to over 500 banks. The so called "auction"...

by Simon Assaf

Libya has erupted once again in protest. In January an angry crowd of some 2,000 people stormed the offices of the ruling National Transitional...

by Sarah Ensor

It hasn't been a great winter for the breast implant industry. First the French company Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) was discovered to be using...


Phil Marfleet

After the recent election Egypt's parliament is dominated by Islamists, especially representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. But, argues Phil Marfleet, the Brotherhood faces immense pressure from...

Talat Ahmed

The conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence was a moment to celebrate for all anti-racists. But, argues Talat Ahmed, institutional racism still lurks...

Brian Richardson

The Daily Mail has claimed that it drove forward the campaign for justice for Stephen Lawrence. Brian Richardson sets the record straight and argues that the real pressure for justice came from...

Julie Sherry

The mass strike on 30 November struck a heavy blow against the government and its cuts agenda. But since then some union leaders have put the breaks on. Julie Sherry assesses the role of the trade...

Colin Wilson

As part of LGBT history month, Colin Wilson looks at the how the German Revolution of 1918 led to significant new freedoms for lesbians and gays, and the role played by Communists

Gareth Jenkins

The great Victorian novelist Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago this month. Gareth Jenkins looks back at his life and work


Letter from
by Baba Aye

Baba Aye reports on the millions who took to the streets in the largest and most intense strikes that Nigeria has ever seen

In perspective column
by Jack Farmer

Those who suggest that we are witnessing a crisis of "crony capitalism", rather than capitalism itself, are wrong, argues Jack Farmer

Revolutionary Lessons
by Sonja Coquelin

Accumulation: the motor of capitalism


The reality of power Having just returned from three months in Bolivia I read Roger Cox's thoughts on the Tipnis road with interest (Letter From Bolivia, Socialist Review, January 2012). Cox...


by Liz Wheatley
The film Cadillac Records, loosely based on the story of the Chess record label and starring Beyoncé, introduced a new generation to the music of Etta James. So too did Beyoncé's...


by Jack Farmer, by Amy Leather, by John Sinha

John Sinha and Amy Leather are socialists who have been part of the occupation of St Paul's since it began. They spoke to Jack Farmer about the Occupy movement

by Tariq Ali

Sarah Ensor and Mark L Thomas spoke to Tariq Ali who gives his take on the revolutions and rebellions in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, the threat of war with Iran and US imperialism after Iraq


by Owen Gower

Paul Mason

by Sophie Smith

Asbjørn Wahl

by David Paenson

Daniel Yergin

by Jonas Liston

Selma Dabbagh

by Soren Goard

Dan Swain

by Ellie May

Writers for the 99%

by Miriam Scharf

Arthur Neslen

by Charlie Kimber

Sam Buckley

by Laura Miles

LGBT history month
We revisit a classic study of transgender resistance

by Christian Cooch

Director David CronenbergRelease date: 10 February

by Xanthe Rose

Director Jason Barker
10-16 February, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)

by Matt Williamson

Almeida Theatre

by Miles Anthony Hoare

Rodrigo y Gabriela and C.U.B.A.

Art / Exhibitions
by Alan Kenny

Royal Academy of Arts

Art / Exhibitions
by Frances Newman

Iniva, Rivington Place