Socialist Review issue

February 2014 #388



by Jane Hardy
Conflicting figures and competing forecasts for Britain make confusing reading for anyone trying to make sense of what is going on in the economy...
by Michael Bradley, by Pete Jackson
The People's Assembly (PA) recall conference is set to take place on Saturday 15 March with local PAs, affiliated union branches and campaigns able...


Brian Richardson

The killing that sparked the 2011 summer riots has exposed the reality of policing of black, Asian and working class communities. Brian Richardson looks at the inquest and its aftermath.

Mirfat Sulaiman

Mirfat Sulaiman reports from south Yemen on how the growing movement for independence from the north has been fuelled by the dashed hopes of the 2011 popular revolution.

Bassem Chit

What explains sectarian divisions such as the Shia-Sunni divide in the Middle East?
Lebanese socialist Bassem Chit rejects claims that sectarianism is a "pre-modern" force and argues it is...

Chris Fuller

The claim of national unity during the First World War is a myth. The reality, argues Chris Fuller, was huge levels of repression by the British ruling class and a largely untold history of...


Letter from
by Kyung-nok Chun

Kyung-nok Chun reports on how a strike by rail workers shook the country's rightwing president and altered the political landscape.

In my view column
by Ken Olende

Ken Olende demolishes the new arguments put forward by liberal commentators about the "dangers" of immigration, and the intellectual cover they give to right wing ideas over race.

Culture column
by Stephen Philip
The runaway success of the searing artistic triumph that is 12 Years A Slave has illuminated a wider shifting landscape of black cinema. We are at a pivotal moment for black experience stories driven...
Culture column
by Gareth Jenkins

This month marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of the playwright Christopher Marlowe. Gareth Jenkins celebrates his life and work.


by Jeff Jackson
A life long revolutionary socialist Leon devoted his outstanding artistic skills to furthering the cause of the working class and oppressed people around the world. He he not only drew on the...
by Richard Bradbury
For a writer as prolific as she was - she wrote more than 50 books - that's not surprising. This unevenness was also, to some significant degree, the product of her political choices over nearly 70...


by Tony Fenwick

Schools OUT was founded 40 years ago to campaign on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in education. Sue Caldwell spoke to Tony Fenwick, a co-founder, about the fight against homophobia and...


by Eileen Short

Jeremy Seabrook, Hurst, £20.00

by Margaret Woods

Greg Philo, Emma Briant and Pauline Donald, Pluto Press, £15.00

by Carlo Morelli

Edited by Pauline Bryan and Tommy Kane, Red Paper Collective, £7.99

by Phil Webster

Geoffrey Robertson, Biteback Publishing, £12.99

by Mark L Thomas

Daniel Bensaid, Verso, 25.00

by Simon Assaf

Stuart Baker, Thames & Hudson, £30.00

by Katherine Jacobs

Directed by Jehane Noujaim, available now on Netflix

by Liz Wheatley

Free Angela (Larry Saunders); The World Needs Changing (Ace Records); Liberation Music (Flying Dutchman Records)

Art / Exhibitions
by Frances Newman

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, until 23 March

Art / Exhibitions
by Roger Huddle

Gallery for Russian Art and Design (GRAD), London, until 29 March


A band leader reveals how musicians are exploited and kept down by capitalism and the celebrity system.

Classic reads
by Sally Campbell

Right up until July 1914 anti-war activity was rife across Europe, led by the socialist parties of the Second International. In the face of growing nationalism Rosa Luxemburg and the Social...