Socialist Review issue

January 2003 #270

Gunning for Iraq


by Neil Hodge

Just like the great pensions mis-selling scandals that rocked the UK during the last decade and brought misery to millions, along comes another...

Kansas creationists - Over 7 million pay too much for mobiles - recommends anal sex to Christians

by Andrew Stone

When is a fraud not a fraud? This is a question that millions of people will be asking themselves as increasing numbers of employers reduce, or...

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) is committed to two 48-hour strikes from 28 January and 1 February should talks with the employers set to take place...

by Charlie Kimber

Kenyans had good reason to cheer when Uhuru Kenyatta was heavily defeated in the presidential election at the end of last year.


Lindsey German

Lindsey German introduces statements from activists in Egypt and Europe who are part of a growing international movement determined to stop Bush and Blair's war in Iraq.

Dragan Plavsic, Nick Howard

The expansion of Nato eastward comes on the eve of war. Dragan Plavsic argues this is no coincidence.

Tom Behan

Berlusconi's right wing government is cracking down on protesters, but opposition is growing.

Kevin Ovenden

The shortest post-election honeymoon is over.

Rob Hoveman

New Labour's attacks on trade unionists has provided an important argument about political affiliation.

John Rees

John Rees remembers Joe Strummer of The Clash.

Chris Harman

Chris Harman introduces two accounts which shed light on the struggle to depose Hugo Chavez.

Mike Davis

Martin Scorsese's new film tells of American Civil War race riots. But this is only half the story.


by Martin Empson

If you were one of the tens of thousands of people who bought a computer game (or indeed other software) for Xmas, then you are probably still smarting from the price you paid.

by The Walrus

What does modernisation of public services actually mean? More managers or more money?

by Chris Harman

The role of the trade union leaders is complex and contradictory.

by Mike Gonzalez

The great and the good form a self-selecting club which ignores the rest of us.

by Pat Stack
'Flashing for the warrior whose strength is not to fight Flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight An' for each an' every underdog soldier in the night An' we gazed upon the chimes...


by South Korean Socialist

At last South Korea has joined those countries in which great anti-US demos happened last year. By 'anti-US', of course, socialists mean opposition to the US state and its foreign policy, not...

by Mark Scantlebury

Having read Lindsey German's article 'Moving On Up' (November SR) I feel I must defend direct action and those who choose to engage in it.

by Joe Bord

There is room for some innovative thinking on the link between pay discontent and the march towards war ('Fight Fire with Fire', November SR).

by Julie Waterson

As the firefighters' dispute develops, socialists inside the trade union movement need to answer--and win--the crucial political questions which have underpinned the strike.


by Alex Callinicos

Alex Callinicos reviews the life of liberal political philosopher John Rawls.


by Judith Orr

Review of 'British Social Attitudes', National Centre for Social Research, Sage £37.50

by Chris Bambery

Review of 'The Irish War of Independence', Michael Hopkinson, Gill and Macmillan £24.99

by Alex Callinicos

Review of 'The Spirit of Terrorism', Jean Baudrillard, Verso £8; 'Ground Zero', Paul Virilio, Verso £8 and 'Welcome to the Desert of the Real!', Slavoj Zizek, Verso £8

by Clare Fermont

Review of 'Carrying the Elephant', Michael Rosen, Penguin £7.99

by Mark L Thomas

Review of 'Revolution in the Air', Max Elbaum, Verso £20

by Rachel Cohen

Review of 'Israel/Palestine', Tanya Reinhart, Seven Stories £7.99

by Judy Cox

Review of 'The Little Friend', Donna Tart, Bloomsbury £16.99

by Roger Smith

Review of 'The Communist Party of Great Britain since 1920', James Eaden and David Renton, Palgrave £40

by Bob Light

Review of '11.09.01', various directors

by Andrew Stone

Review of 'The Pianist', director Roman Polanski

by Julie Bundy

Review of 'Divine Intervention', director Elia Suleiman

by Daniel Conquer

Review of 'Metropolis: Special Edition', director Fritz Lang

by Weyman Bennett

Review of 'King Hedley II' by August Wilson, Tricycle Theatre, London