Socialist Review issue

January 2005 #292

Why capitalism won't deliver


Rarely has the contrast been so stark. On the one hand the response by ordinary people to the Indian Ocean tsunami that has killed more than 150,...

by Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone looks at the hypocrisy behind the tragedy.

by Sally Campbell

The politics and history of countries affected by the tsunami influence relief efforts today.

by Mike Davis

Mike Davis recalls another tsunami tragedy, and asks what lessons can be learned.

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Over 50,000 previously secret government documents have been released to the public this month as the Freedom of Information Act 2000 finally...

by Mary Black

'The government must no longer allow delays in developing a long term radioactive waste management strategy to be used as a pretext for deferring...


Liv Lewitschnik

The terrorising of independent media in Iraq continues, writes Liv Lewitschnik.

Robin Blackburn

Our future welfare depends on creating a radically different pension system, argues Robin Blackburn.

Helen Salmon

This year marks the centenary of the first Russian Revolution - an event that shaped our understanding of how mass movements can grow.

Leon Trotsky

The 1905 Russian revolution, as described by Leon Trotsky.

Sabby Sagall

The democracy of our rulers is a pale reflection of the real thing, writes Sabby Sagall.

Michael Lavalette

Michael Lavalette tells of his puzzlement when first elected as a Respect councillor in Preston.

Brian Richardson

The 60th anniversary of Bob Marley's birth is a great opportunity to celebrate his inspirational music, writes Brian Richardson.


by Chris Harman

What is the role of complex ideas in the day to day struggle? Chris Harman, editor of International Socialism, explains.

by Mike Davis

Mike Davis commemorates the centenary of a high point in American socialist history.

by Martin Empson

The burgeoning world of ebooks

by Andrew Stone

Please don't panic, but we're in the middle of an emergency.


by Barry Curtis

Andrew Stone is wrong to support the government's ban on smoking in enclosed public places ('The Drag Factor', December...

by Phil Hall

What a drag it is that Andrew Stone ('The Drag Factor', December SR) seems to have inhaled at least some of...

by Ian Birchall

Having parked himself in a place previously occupied by a disabled person, Andrew Stone ('The Drag Factor', December ...

by Dave Crouch

Chris Harman's article on Ukraine's 'orange revolution' ('Neither Washington nor Moscow', December SR) rightly...

by Alison Krohn

Thank you for Matt Foot's article, 'Leave Our Kids Alone' (October SR). I am trying to find some information...

by Michael Rosen

As a postscript to Moira Nolan's review of Al Pacino's Merchant of Venice (December SR), could I add...

by Nik Howard

I was surprised by the very positive nature of Alex Callinicos's piece on Derrida ('The Infinite Search', November SR...

by Richard Greeman

It pains me to take issue with my old comrade Ian Birchall's analysis of the Iraqi resistance (November SR)....


by Andrew Stone, by Lindsey German

The coming few months are crucial ones for all those opposed to war and imperialism, as Lindsey German explains to Andrew Stone.


by Chanie Rosenberg

Chanie Rosenberg rediscovers a revolutionary classic.

by Kerri Parke

Review of 'Comrade Rockstar', Reggie Nadelson, Arrow £7.99

by Mubin Haq

Review of 'The Infidel Within', Humayun Ansari, Hurst £15.95

by Kate Fermont, by Clare Fermont

Review of 'Michael Rosen's Sad Book', Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake, Walker £10.99

by Abdul-Nasser Baston

Review of 'Al Qaeda: The True Story', Jason Burke, Penguin £7.99

by Adam Marks

Review of 'Banana Wars', Gordon Myers, Zed £14.95

by Kate Connelly

Review of 'Spartacus', Theresa Urbainczyk, Duckworth/BCP £10.99

by Mary Brodbin

Review of 'My Trade', Andrew Marr, MacMillan £12.99

by Mike Gonzalez

Review of 'Memoirs', Pablo Neruda, Souvenir Press £12.99; 'Pablo Neruda', Adam Feinstein, Bloomsbury £25; 'Selected Poems', Pablo Neruda, Penguin £9.99; 'Isla Negra', Pablo Neruda (translated by...

by Sarah Ensor

Flushing out the detox books - Why civilisations collapse - Sharon and My Mother-in-Law - Profiting from Iraq - US politicians - Ursula Le Guin - Paul Foot on the vote

by Sarah Ensor

Review of 'The Inheritance', director Per Fly

by Christophe Chataigné

Review of '2046', director Wong Kar Wai

by Noel Halifax

Review of 'Alexander', director Oliver Stone

by Gareth Jenkins

Review of 'Vanity Fair', director Mira Nair

by Stephen Philip

Million Dollar Baby - Sideways - American Cinema 1967-1980 - A Very Long Engagement - Closer - Dear Frankie - Ray - Yasmin

by Eamonn Kelly

Review of 'Outfoxed', director Robert Greenwald

by Nigel Davey

Review of 'Le Crime de Monsieur Lange', 'La Grande Illusion' and 'La Bête Humaine', director Jean Renoir

by Jane Hardy

Jane Hardy looks at the work of Harlem radical Langston Hughes.

by Berit Kuennecke

A guide to forthcoming productions, compiled by Berit Kuennecke.

by Tom Foot

Review of 'Peace Not War volume 2', Various artists