Socialist Review issue

January 2007 #313

On the road to defeat


by Yuri Prasad

SR is changing. After a year of being a supplement to Socialist Worker, it is to return to being a separate publication, with its own...


Chris Nineham

By sending thousands more troops to Baghdad, Bush and the neocons have shown their inability to accept defeat but, argues Chris Nineham, the move will expand tensions at home.

Donny Gluckstein

Politicians and the media have whipped themselves up into a frenzy over the question of crime, and the solutions they put forward involve ever more draconian measures. Donny Gluckstein discusses...

Pete Glatter

A few years ago post Communist Russia was commonly dismissed as a basket case, argues Pete Glatter, but today fear of a resurgent Russia is driving a new agenda.

Third World Report (Africa)
Paul Martial

France is intervening in two African countries, using troops and fighter aircraft to defend the regimes in Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR) from rebel forces. The interventions come...

Third World Report (Asia)
Mushtuq Husain

As I write, the streets of Dhaka, the capital city, are filled with protesters fighting the police. The air is thick with the acrid smell of tear gas and the city is paralysed by a general strike...

Third World Report (Latin America)
Dave Treece

"We're not Racists: A Response to Those Who Want to Turn Us into a Bi-Coloured Nation." So reads the provocative title of a recent contribution to the debate on race relations in Brazil, by Ali...

Third World Report (Middle East)
John Rose

In the last weeks of 2006 Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction finally launched their much anticipated attempted coup against the democratically elected...

Third World Report (Middle East)
Sabby Sagall

Palestine in 2006 was dominated by a single event: the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas's overwhelming victory in last January's general elections.

Third World Report (Middle East)
Khaled Hroub

The tormented birth of the Palestinian national unity government could mark a truly new phase in the Palestinian struggle for self-determination.

Third World Report (Middle East)
Ruth Tenne

Western governments have so far refused to recognise the Palestinian Hamas government democratically elected in January 2006.


by Noel Douglas

Post-9/11, there's a trend towards combining torture and pornography.

by China Miéville

The desire to meet "higher lifeforms" is just another expression of enthusiasm for socialism from above - way above.

by Lindsey German

The scale and methods of the Nazi genocide of Jewish people make it a politically unique event that deserves a special day of memorial.

by Chris Harman

There is enormous opposition to New Labour's "reforms" of the health service. But there is not usually the same level of understanding of what lies behind them.


by Brian Richardson

In life James Brown was a consummate entertainer whose live performances were the stuff of legend. It seems almost typical of the old showman that he finally bowed out on 25 December 2006.


by Anne Ashford, by Patrick Cockburn, by Sami Ramadani

For George Bush "staying the course" remains the order of the day but for most people the war is already lost. Anne Ashford spoke to award winning Iraq correspondent, Patrick Cockburn, and Iraqi...


by Maz Massoumi

Stereotypes of Iranian society see a cowed population dominated by "mad mullahs". Naz Massoumi takes a look at new books which challenge the myths.

by Ken Olende

Review of "Looting Africa", Patrick Bond, Zed Books £12.99

by Ingrid Ericson

Review of "Hamas: A Beginner's Guide", Khaled Hroub, Pluto £11.99

by Mike Gonzalez

Review of "The Uncomfortable Dead", Subcomandante Marcos and Paco Ignacio Taibo, Serpent's Tail £7.99

by Owen Hatherley

Review of "Estates", Lynsey Hanley, Granta Books £12.00

by Mike Wayne

Review of "Iraq in Fragments", Director: James Longley

by Sally Campbell

Review of "Black Book", Director: Paul Verhoeven

by Markan Kimathi

Review of "The Last King Of Scotland", Director: Kevin Macdonald

by Kelly Hilditch

Martin Crimp, one of the most innovative playwrights to emerge in Britain in the past 20 years, spoke to Kelly Hilditch about the revival of his play Attempts on her Life.