Socialist Review issue

January 2008 #321

A new left?


by Palash Kamruzzaman

Bangladesh was struck by a major cyclone on 15 November. Cyclone Sidr was larger than the entire country.

by Patrick Ward

The World Against War conference in London last month united activists from around the world. Ibraham Mousawi, editor of Hezbollah's Alintiqad...

by Judith Orr

When even David Steel, the man most closely associated with the 1967 Abortion Act, has been quoted as saying there are "too many abortions" it is...

by Andy Worthington

This month marks a particularly grim anniversary - the reviled prison at Guantanamo Bay has been open for six years.

by Colin Barker

Karen Reissmann is the Manchester nurse sacked for speaking out about worsening mental health services. On 10 December the trust's kangaroo court...

by Patrick Ward

While Labour continues to pour unwanted foreigners into the Middle East, new policy at home is to lock the gates to "unskilled" immigrants.


Mark Serwotka

As Gordon Brown's neoliberal attacks on workers intensify, Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS civil servants' union, outlines his vision for a fighting left in Britain today

Anne Alexander, Farah Koubaissy

Resistance to the neoliberal policies of the Egyptian government has led to a strike wave involving thousands of workers. Anne Alexander describes how women have played a key role in the struggle...


Letter from
by Judy McVey

John Howard got his long awaited comeuppance in the November elections. Now the Australian left needs to unite to reverse his disastrous policies, argues Judy McVey

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The Balkan province of Kosovo has been largely forgotten in British politics since the war there nine years ago. It was obvious at the time that the post-war settlement would come to a crisis over...

Union-made column
by Gloria Doherty

I've been a fully paid up member of Unison for 19 years. And until we took action for eight weeks against the single status process at the end of last year, I had never even been on strike.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

The words of the Internationale strike a chord for all socialists who believe society can only be transformed from below. It is a message that could not be more urgent than for today's working...

Culture column
by Martin Smith

Once again the singer Morrissey has plenty to say about immigration and British society. In a November edition of the NME, the magazine claims that he said, "The gates of England are...

A-Z of Socialism
by Matt Perry

Throughout history rulers mystify the past to convince ordinary people that their rule is inevitable. The first recorded histories - in the form of king lists - were used to justify their...


by Gary Budgen

Chris Harman's article on the rate of profit (In perspective, Socialist Review, November 2007) argues against...

by Christian Høgsbjerg

It is great to see Mike Gonzalez writing about culture again in Socialist Review (Culture, Socialist Review, ...

by Noel Halifax

Trevor Griffiths (Interview, Socialist Review, December 2007) mentioned as an aside that there was no statue...

by Ian Birchall

It's always been the tradition of SWP publications that they write seriously about serious topics without using the pretentious jargon with which academic Marxists often cover up the fact that...


by Judith Orr, by Haifa Zangana

Iraqi-born writer and activist Haifa Zangana talks to Judith Orr about the struggle of Iraqi women still fighting for the liberation of their country.


by Simon Behrman

The core of this book originated as an article for the London Review of Books in spring 2006. As a denunciation of the US government's pro-Israeli bias in foreign policy it produced a...

by Esme Choonara

Verso, £7.99

by Pat Stack

John O'Farrell, Doubleday, £16.99

by Beth Greenhill

John Harris, Princeton University Press, £16.95

by Andrew Stone

Michael Rosen, Bookmarks, £7.99

by Alison Smith

Joel Kovel, Zed Books, £17.99

by Rita McLoughlin

Viola Roggenkamp, Virago, £14.99

by Mary Brodbin

Maggie Gee, Telegram, £7.99

by Judith Orr

Ed: David Hilliard, Atria Books, £14.99


Harvey on Paris - Graphic Iraq - Roddy Doyle in Finland - Jabberwocky meets basketball

by Patrick Ward

Director: Paul Haggis; Release date: 25 January

by Farah Reza

Director: Cristian Mungiu; Release date: 11 January

by Colin Wilson

Director: Marc Forster; Release date: Out now

by Charlie Hore

Director: Ang Lee; Release date: 4 January

by Judith Orr

Director: Francisco Vargas Quevedo; Release date: 4 January

by Toby Osmond

Directors: Ethan and Joel Coen; Release date: 18 January

by Sofie Mason

A glance at some upcoming plays to intrigue and challenge you

Art / Exhibitions
by Simon Hall

Middlesbrough's bright new MIMA is showing the most extensive exhibition of work from the Bauhaus in Britain since 1968.

Five Things Listing

Pet Shop Boys - global poverty - anti-war folk songs - Michael Moore latest - Russian art