Socialist Review issue

January 2009 #332

What would socialism look like?


by Judith Orr

To read the papers in recent weeks you might be forgiven for assuming that car workers' wage levels and public sector pensions caused the...

by Patrick Ward

This time last year the world looked very different. Ian McCafferty, the chief economic adviser of the CBI, argued on New Year's Eve 2007, "While...

So much for Gordon Brown's claim in November that "old free market fundamentalism, no matter how it is dressed up, has been found wanting". The...

by Patrick Ward

Building a Low-Carbon Economy, Lord Adair Turner's 511 page report, made interesting Xmas reading for environmental campaigners. Produced...

by Patrick Ward

"Tell people that biology and the environment cause obesity and they are offered the one thing we have to avoid: an excuse," said Tory shadow...

by Patrick Ward

"I feel a terrible personal failure - it's a very nasty place to be if you're me," said Independent editor Roger Alton, after the newspaper...


Mike Gonzalez

For a decade global capitalism has suffered setbacks and defeats in the continent where it had been at its most aggressive. Mike Gonzalez argues it is the new forces that have led the resistance...

John Molyneux

Some people think that socialism sounds great but will never work in practice. John Molyneux challenges their arguments and explores what socialism would look like.

Tony Cliff

When Rosa Luxemburg was murdered 90 years ago this month, the international workers' movement lost one of its greatest revolutionaries. Here we reprint an evaluation of her life from a pamphlet by...


Letter from
by Giorgos Pittas

Anger at the government's neoliberal policies and police brutality has electrified Greece, reports Giorgos Pittas.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The protests that have shaken Greece are a sign of things to come. Initially over the shooting of a teenager by police in Athens, demonstrations and riots spread across the country, threatening...

In my view column
by Mike Davis

Our societies are supersaturated with unrecognised anger that can suddenly crystallise around a single incident of police abuse or state repression. Yet although the seeds of revolt have been so...

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

It is accepted wisdom that President Franklin D Roosevelt pulled the US out of the Depression with the New Deal. But in reality there were numerous forces at play.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

In 1981 Britain was in a state of crisis: 2.5 million people were unemployed and Margaret Thatcher's government was deeply unpopular.

A-Z of Socialism
by Mike Haynes

As global capitalism flounders, the world's governments are scrambling to use state action to try to stop the rot and bail out the system. After two decades of being told that the market works...


by Stewart Halforty

The Labour victory in Glenrothes was about more than a bounce for Gordon Brown (Frontlines, Socialist Review, ...

by Bill Paterson

I don't understand why your writer thinks a New Labour victory in Glenrothes is good for socialism (Frontlines, Socialist Review,...

by James O'Toole

Colin Wilson is correct to defend Francis Bacon's art against attempts at a crude reduction (Feedback, Socialist Review,...

by Nick Grant

Sorry, Colin Wilson, but the "impoverished and philistine view we should reject" concerning the over-hyped and utterly derivative painter, Francis Bacon, is yours, not Tom Davies (Feedback, ...

by Dave Crouch

Congratulations on your Obama: What next? issue (Socialist Review, December 2008). It was sustained, quality...


by Judith Orr, by Patrick Ward, by István Mésáros

István Mészáros won the 1971 Deutscher Prize for his book Marx's Theory of Alienation and has written on Marxism ever since. He talks to Judith Orr and Patrick Ward about the current...


by Neil Faulkner

Martin Wolf, Yale University Press, £18.99

by Lindsey German

Richard Seymour, Verso, £16.99

by John Parrington

John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark and Richard York, Monthly Review Press, £10.95

by Charlie Hore

Minqi Li, Pluto Press, £19.99

by Martin Smith

Chris Searle, Northway Publications, £14.99

by Ingrid Lamprecht

Stieg Larsson, Maclehose Press, £16.99

by Chris Bambery

Fabrice d'Almeida, Polity, £16.99

by Jonny Jones

Dai Smith, Parthian Books, £12.99

by Roger Cox

Frank Henderson, Bookmarks, £7.99

by Patrick Ward

Eds: Peter Phillips and Andrew Roth, Seven Stories, £11.99

by Katya Nasim

Neve Gordon, University of California Press, £12.95

by Chris Nineham

Lloyd C Gardner, The New Press, £18.99

by Pete Dwyer

Jonathan Glennie, Zed Books, £12.99


Al-Sadr - Flat Earth News - Charles Darwin - Garibaldi

by Colin Wilson

Director Gus Van Sant; Release date: 23 January

by Nick Grant

Director Steven Soderbergh; Release date: out now

by Kevin Best

Director Danny Boyle; Release date: 9 January

Art / Exhibitions
by Mary Brodbin

Hotel, London; Until 18 January