Socialist Review issue

January 2012 #365

Capitalism vs Democracy


by Mark L Thomas

2011 will come to rank as a year of turmoil, upheaval and revolution alongside 1830, 1848, 1919-20, 1936, 1956, 1968 and 1989.

by Alasdair Smith

Michael Gove, the education secretary, has launched a new wave of academies expansion - forced academies. After the last election Gove rushed the...

by Mike Haynes

Events in Russia have a habit of proving people wrong. The oil boom allowed Vladimir Putin to re-establish a degree of order and to make Russia a...


John Molyneux

Towards the end of last year, unelected "technocrats" were installed in power in both Greece and Italy. John Molyneux argues that while capitalism came into being with grand claims about universal...

Simon Basketter

Electricians have been protesting for months against wage cuts and attacks on their terms and conditions. Last December workers took unofficial strike action. Simon Basketter looks at the...

Daniela Manske

Europe's Roma are facing a wave of racist attacks. But, argues Daniela Manske, the oppression of Europe's largest ethnic minority is no new phenomenon. As the economic crisis in Europe deepens,...

Mark L Thomas

As opposition to austerity increases Mark L Thomas looks at how the Tories are entering a new and much nastier phase and considers how the issue of European integration is forcing old divisions to...

Weyman Bennett

The riots that happened last summer highlighted the gulf that exists between many young black people and mainstream black political figures. Brian Richardson and Mark L Thomas spoke to Weyman...


Letter from
by Roger Cox

The Bolivian government is launching a counter-offensive against the very successful and popular campaign of the indigenous peoples from Isiboro Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park (...

In my view column
by Judith Orr
The US exit from Iraq was a humiliation for the world's biggest superpower. Barack Obama wanted to fulfil his commitment to pull out of Iraq by 31 December 2011, but he also wanted to leave some...
In perspective column
by Sally Kincaid

Breakneck industrial expansion has transformed women's lives in China over the last generation. They live very different lives to their mothers and grandmothers but face enormous hardship in China...

Revolutionary Lessons
by Stacey Whittle

Where does profit come from?

Culture column
by Martin Smith

What's going on? It seems like every time I switch on my TV, so-called comedians and panel show celebrities are telling racist and other offensive jokes.

Culture column
by Roberto Ciccarelli

The Teatro Valle, Rome's oldest theatre, has been occupied for six months by performers, technicians and directors in protest against arts cuts.

Ben Windsor spoke to Il Manifesto...


Lessons in class Thanks for Paul Blackledge's impressive article on Karl Marx's theories of how the working class can overthrow capitalism and create a new world (Feature, Socialist Review,...


by Jonathan Collier

Edited by Harry E Vanden and Marc Becker

by Andra Chandra

Michael McManus

by Tom Fitzpatrick

Kieron Smith

by Ruby Hirsch

Gary Phillips and Andrea Gibbons (eds)

by Nick Grant

Dexter Whitfield

by Simon Guy

Abel Paz

by Leo Zeilig

Tariq Goddard

Classic reads
by Jennifer Wilkinson

Sembène Ousmane

by Christine Lewis

Ralph Fiennes's modern film adaptation of Coriolanus is a masterstroke. One of Shakespeare's lesser known plays, Coriolanus has attracted attention from a surprising range of directors including...

by Sheila McGregor

Meryl Streep turns in a brilliant performance as Margaret Thatcher suffering from dementia in this portrait of the Iron Lady. Thatcher's story is narrated in a series of flashbacks with her dead...

by Rebecca Short

Margin Call is a new blockbuster directed by JC Chandor, starring Kevin Spacey and Demi Moore. It's set at the beginning of the banking crisis in 2008. The film gives an inside view of a Lehman...

by Ruairidh MacLean

Computer games are now a massive industry, with a huge reach into many people's lives. Ruairidh MacLean discusses the political significance of some recent games and asks how socialists should...

Art / Exhibitions
by Jeff Jackson

Serpentine Gallery