Socialist Review issue

January 2014 #387

Labour and the Unions


by Andrej Zebrowski
The recent protests in Ukraine began on 21 November in the run up to the European Union (EU) summit in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, at the end of...
by Lewis Nielsen
The last few weeks of the autumn term at universities saw a rise in student protest and resistance to austerity, prompting a draconian crackdown by...
by Sarah Ensor
Iceland's Tories, the Independence Party, apparently had good reason to feel satisfied with the last year as they announced a new debt relief plan...


Ian Taylor

Following a row about Unite's role in the selection of Labour parliamentary candidates, Ed Miliband announced a special conference to re-examine Labour's relationship with the unions. Ian Taylor...

Simon Assaf, Anne Alexander

This month marks the third anniversary of the start of the Egyptian revolution. Simon Assaf examines some key lessons while Anne Alexander spoke to three Egyptian revolutionaries.

John Newsinger

After years of vicious repression, US workers rose in 1934 in a series of magnificent struggles, transforming the nation's industrial landscape.

John Newsinger reviews a new book about one...

Kieran Allen

Ireland has been hailed as an austerity success story. Kieran Allen examines the reality behind the hype and the prospects for resistance from below.


Letter from
by CM and ICB

A strong showing for Trotskyist currents in the elections provide a golden opportunity for revolutionary forces, but they must overcome historic weaknesses, argue two Argentinian socialists, CM...

Culture column
by Noel Halifax

Modern art has always had a troubled relationship under capitalism, writes Noel Halifax. Art movements that express the urges of rebellion, find themselves consumed by capital.

Culture column
by Ben Windsor

The art market is awash with cash, and Qatar is now hoovering up classical and modern collections thanks to its oil and gas dollars. This puffed up market of speculators has distorted creativity,...


Right on Iran Having just returned from Iran, I can confirm that Simon Assaf (Iran: Shifting Sands December 2013) is exactly right. The sanctions are hitting the Iranian people and the economy...


by Camilla Royle

Published by Bookmarks, 13.99

by Catherine Anne Jacobs

Published by John Murray, 20.00

by Hassan Mahamdallie

Published by London Socialist History Society and Redwords, 4.00

by Donny Gluckstein

Published by Pluto, £22.99

by Ken Olende

Published by University of California Press, £24.95


Published by Jonathan Cape, £20.00

by Simon Assaf

Left wing publishers Pluto Press kick off 2014 with the release of The Fair Trade Scandal. Author Ndongo Samba Sylla mercilessly demolishes the rhetoric behind the fair trade...

Classic reads
by Richard Donnelly

The year 1923 was a decisive year in the history of the international movement. It was the point at which the revolutionary movement sweeping Europe after the victory of the Bolsheviks in 1917...

by Tanya Murat, by Beth O'Regan (aged 10)

National Theatre, London, until 18 March

by Saba Shiraz aka Kali Rayt

Vaudeville Theatre, London, until 29 March 2014

by Peter Robinson

Out now, £44.99

Things to look out for this year
by Siobhan Brown

Jeremy Deller's English Magic, part of the British Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale, is touring in 2014. It includes We Sit Starving Together Amidst Our Gold, Deller's protest...