Socialist Review issue

January 2017 #420

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Hopelessly devoted to fossil fuels


by Simon Guy
Ten thousand pounds was raised and sent along with car loads of donated clothes and essential items to refugees in Calais last month. The delegation...
by Simon Guy
Planet on the rocks A report in December said sea ice levels have fallen to the lowest level since satellite records began in 1979. The scientists...
by Simon Guy
The government, having created a crisis in social care, is now calling for increases in council taxes to make up the shortfall in cash. An...
by Simon Guy
Health service bosses said that there would be no consultation on the controversial proposals which are known as Sustainability and Transformation...


Amy Leather

With Donald Trump in the White House and the Tories pushing through damaging policies as fast as they can, the future for our climate looks bleak. But we have to look beyond individual politicians...

Sally Campbell

The centenary of the Russian Revolution provides an opportunity to re-examine important questions. Sally Campbell argues that a deeply democratic impulse was at the heart of the revolution.

Andy Brown

The death of Castro, long time leader of Cuba, last November provoked a polarised response. The establishment denounced him as a dictator who ruined Cuba, while some on the left celebrated him...

John Rose

Claims about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party have corrupted the need to not only confront the real anti-Semitism initiated by Donald Trump’s administration but, as John Rose argues, the need to...

Noel Halifax

The histories of socialism and sexual liberation are entwined, most clearly in revolutionary Germany a century ago, writes Noel Halifax.


Transphobia and homophobia are still rife in workplaces, yet a new generation is growing up with more open attitudes to non-binary gender identities. TKS recounts their experience of challenging...


In my view column
by Michael Lavalette
The world of football has been thrown into turmoil by revelations of historic child abuse involving thousands of children at numerous professional clubs in England and Scotland. Police forces across...
In perspective column
by Joseph Choonara

With further elections coming this year in Europe, socialists must organise against racism and for alternatives to neoliberal politics.

by John Clossick

The Tories talk about democratic “values”, yet the hypocrisy of the British state — one of the world’s top arms dealers — is astounding. John Clossick looks at a new book on Britain’s role in...

by John Newsinger

The fourth part of our series on the Wobblies looks at the role of women in the workers’ and socialist movement.


by Antony Hamilton

Reminiscences of Rock Against Racism (RAR) is an essential buy for every socialist and anti-racist. This is not simply a collection of stories, but a guide to building a mass movement, and it...

The Speech
by Richard Rose

“A paranoid conspiracy theory” — this is how Frank, lead character of this wholly fictional but entirely plausible novel describes his friend’s suggestion that the authorities, far-right...

by Margaret Woods

The author explains that this book is a combination of PhD research, time spent as an activist in Calais and as a researcher activist in Athens. She says it has been undertaken in this way in...

Unleashing Demons cover
by Mark Farmer

It is alleged in some quarters that we are seeing “buyer’s remorse” in the UK over the referendum decision to leave the EU. This reviewer has not felt it and the polls do not seem to support it,...

by Kate Hunter

Born in Georgia in 1917, black jazz and blues musician Harlan moves north, first to Kansas City and then to Harlem. With best friend Lizard, a Jewish trumpet player, he forms a band that, in the...

From Bended Knee to a New Republic
by Colm Bryce

The mass movement against water charges in Ireland stands on the brink of a historic victory, helping accelerate a realignment of Irish politics. It is a movement rich in lessons for everyone...

Traveling Soul
by Nick Grant

This Is My Country. People Get Ready. We’re A Winner. Mighty, Mighty (Spade and Whitey). Keep On Keepin On. Future Shock. We Gotta Have Peace. Power To The People. Ever since the Middle Passage,...

by Alan Gibson

The 1945-50 government of Clement Attlee is seen as the Labour Party’s golden age — a period that brought about not only the creation of the NHS, national insurance and public assistance (the...

by Liz Wheatley

Music often has something to say about the world we live in. Sometimes it simply reflects that world, good and bad, but sometimes it goes further, commenting on it and, on occasions, trying to be...

Art / Exhibitions
by Brian Richardson

This exhibition is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve visited plenty in my time so that’s a bold assertion but one I make without hesitation.

Taking its title from the first line of The...

by David Gilchrist

Sam Shepard’s important 1978 Pulitzer Prize winning play is often said to belong to the American gothic tradition. Hidden horror is flagged in the title but there are deeper myths at work here....

by Bob Light

Here is a movie adapted from a book by Shuaku Edo, a Japanese Catholic. It tells the story of two Jesuit missionaries in 17th century Japan. It is directed by a man who was “educated” in a Jesuit...

by Rob Ferguson

In 1992 a group of Jewish socialists came together to write an Anti Nazi league pamphlet, “Holocaust Denial: The New Nazi Lie”, in response to the rise of Holocaust deniers, and in particular the...

by Paddy Nielsen

A Tribe called Quest’s new album is a breath of fresh air in the stale halls of “new” hip hop.

For the last couple of years a dominant theme in US hip hop has been the emergence of trap...