Socialist Review issue

July / August 2008 #327

Is real change coming?


by CJ Park

What began as a mass protest against the new right wing government's decision to resume US beef imports entered a new stage when around a million...

by Patrick Ward

The increasing media obsession with the rate of crime in Britain has led to another draconian gem from New Labour's former "respect tsar", Louise...

by Tom Ramplin

The recent gains of employment rights for temporary workers, such as the enforcement of equal pay and sick leave, have been a great step forward...

by Mike Gonzalez

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the Farc, has existed since the late 1940s. But it has rarely received the kind of worldwide attention...

by Patrick Ward

After helping Gordon Brown secure the recent Commons vote on 42-day detention without trial, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) seems to wish to...

by Patrick Ward

Department for Transport minister Tom Harris appears at a loss as to why people insist on being miserable under his government.


Gary Younge

Barack Obama has risen from idealistic Democratic outsider to become the first black US presidential candidate of a major party. Gary Younge explores the importance of the Obama phenomenon which...

Michael Bradley, Judith Orr

Global economic turmoil has led to food riots abroad and spiralling inflation in Britain. Michael Bradley and Judith Orr report on the growing resentment towards the crisis-ridden Labour...

John Newsinger

Migrant workers have historically found it difficult to organise and fight. John Newsinger writes of a furious strike over conditions in New York, 1909, waged by newly organised migrant women...

Saree Makdisi

Although it generally receives international media attention only during episodes of spectacular or large-scale violence, the Israeli presence in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem is...


Letter from
by Richard Boyd Barrett

Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Reform Treaty went against the wishes and deceptions of the ruling elite, writes Richard Boyd Barrett

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The most noble cause of the 21st century was how Des Browne, the defence minister, described the war in Afghanistan.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

Two new books on the state of the economy expose the speculation and greed that have propped up Gordon Brown's so-called boom years

Culture column
by Martin Smith

Artistic collaborations promise so much, but so often fail.

A-Z of Socialism
by Dave Crouch

"Imagine there's no countries," sang John Lennon. "Nothing to fight or die for." It's a sentiment that any socialist would identify with.

Union-made column
by Richard Allday

"The Shell drivers have driven a coach and horses through the Brown and Darling pay freeze," said Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite, after the Shell tanker drivers won a 14 percent...


by Ben Drake

Alex Cobham from Christian Aid rightly calls for Britain's Department for International Development (DfID) to help developing countries to strengthen their ability to collect tax revenue (...

by Alan Walter

Glyn Robbins concludes rightly that the obvious answer to the housing crisis is for government to invest in a new generation of first class council housing (Feature, Socialist Review,...

by Simon Guy

The anti-Nazi march in June was a great start to building resistance to the British National Party (BNP) (Feature, Socialist Review,...


by Neil Davidson

The historian, poet and cultural critic Angus Calder has died in his adopted city of Edinburgh, at the tragically early age of 66.


by Patrick Ward, by Moazzam Begg

As Labour imposes more draconian legislation, Patrick Ward asks former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg for his views on civil liberties today


by Phil Webster

Richard Lewontin and Richard Levins, Monthly Review Press, £17.95

by Judith Orr

Ellen Feldman, Picador, £7.99

by Jonathan Neale

Jonathan Neale, Bookmarks, £11.99

by Simon Behrman

Gabriel Piterberg, Verso, £16.99

by Clare Fermont

Dorothea Dieckmann, Duckworth Overlook, £8.99

by Jacob Middleton

Brian Walters, Harriman House Publishing, £10.99

by Ingrid Lamprecht

Nathalie Abi-Ezzi, Fourth Estate, £12.99

by Martin Crook

Edited by Tom Engelhardt, Verso, £10.99

by Charlotte Bence

Irvine Welsh, Jonathan Cape, £12.99

by Sarah Ensor

Carolyn Steel, Chatto and Windus, £12.99


Berger anthology - Eagleton on the meaning of life - 1972 building workers' strike - worried mole helps worried children

by Patrick Ward

Director: Jon S Baird; Release date: 1 August

by Aymen Asim

Director: Errol Morris; Release date: 18 July

by Roger Cox

Director: Paulo Morelli; Release date: 18 July

by Mike Gonzalez

Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea; Release date: 11 July

by John Newsinger

Cherie Blair, Little, Brown, £18.99

by Bob Light

Director: Les Blair; BBC DVD

Art / Exhibitions
by Colin Wilson

Tate Britain, London, Until 31 August