Socialist Review issue

July / August 2011 #360

Greece: austerity and wokers' resistance


by Jane Hardy

Outbursts of anger from students and academics greeted the plans of philosopher AC Grayling to establish the New College of the Humanities (NCH...

by Jackie Turner

Cameron's supposed retreat on the Health Bill and the resulting incandescent splutterings of Alan Milburn reveal splits within the ruling class...

by Michael Rosen

Literacy is like water - a universal need. But what does a demand for literacy actually mean?


Mark L Thomas, Nikos Loudos

Mark L Thomas spoke to revolutionary socialist Nikos Loudos about the explosive resistance to austerity in Greece

Mike Haynes

Billions of people regularly struggle to get enough to eat. Mike Haynes argues that the problem isn't a lack of produce or a rising population. It is a system driven by profit

Simon Assaf

The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were major reversals for the US and Israel. But Nato intervention in Libya's popular rebellion has raised the possibility that imperialism could hijack the...

Dave Sherry

As major industrial struggle seems set to make a return to Britain, Dave Sherry looks at the strategy and tactics of the revolutionary left during the period of intense class conflict which...

Ian Taylor

Tony Cliff, the founder of the Socialist Workers Party, made major contributions to revolutionary theory and practice. Ian Taylor reviews a new biography of Cliff and assesses his place in post-...

Mike Gonzalez

Advocates of Blue Labour claim to offer an alternative to both the market and the state. Mike Gonzalez argues that this is a hollow promise and that Blue Labour rewrites the labour movement's past...


In my view column
by Noel Halifax

Where do homophobia and transphobia come from? Many people point to religion as the root cause. But the belief that religion is to blame is a reworking of an old argument first fought out in the...

Union-made column
by Sally Kincaid

I have been a socialist and active trade unionist all my adult life. As a local National Union of Teachers (NUT) officer it sometimes feels like we can be bogged down with case work, having to...

Revolutionary Lessons
by Donny Gluckstein

Donny Gluckstein looks at what democracy means under capitalism - and our alternative

Culture column
by Simon Behrman

Today one of the most recorded and performed composers is Gustav Mahler. Born to a poor Jewish family in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, he died 100 years ago in imperial Vienna as one of the richest...


Egypt - St Pauli - Realism and art


by Liz Wheatley



by Pat Stack

Owen Jones

by Terry Wrigley

John Bangs, John MacBeath and Maurice Galton

by Gaverne Bennett

Guy Standing

by Martin Percival

Kieran Allen

by Sue Sparks

John Lang and Graham Dodkins

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Hassan Mahamdallie (ed)

by Gordon Jelley

Michael Lavalette (ed)

by Jonathan Neale

Alison Irvine

by Steve Early

Jonathan Neale

by Sheila McGregor

Artist, suffragette, revolutionary, editor and anti-colonialist, Sylvia Pankhurst was a truly exceptional woman whose life has long been overshadowed by her more famous suffragette sister...

by Josh Hollands

A few months ago Westminster council passed a bylaw that made it illegal to hand out free food, in an effort to shut down soup kitchens for the homeless - who were apparently an embarrassment for...

by Chris Kelly

Cell 211 is a prison riot film. Mild-mannered and taciturn prison guard Juan is being given an induction tour of his new workplace - a notorious Madrid prison. In bizarre and briefly farcical...

Art / Exhibitions
by Jeff Jackson

Nicholas Garland writes in the exhibition catalogue that accompanies this exhibition that "Steve Bell is the greatest political cartoonist of the day". I would also suggest that he is perhaps one...

Art / Exhibitions
by Jonny Jones

In his 1961 science fiction classic Solaris, the Russian author Stanislaw Lem wrote, "We have no need of other worlds. We need mirrors." This fascinating exhibition at the British Library shows us...

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

This summer Tate Liverpool plays host to a major exhibition of René Magritte, with over 100 paintings, some from private collections and many never seen before in Britain.