Socialist Review issue

July / August 2020 #459

Black lives matter


by Lee Humber
There are organic links between the global anti-racist rebellion and the Covid-19 pandemic. As Socialist Review has repeatedly shown, there is a...
by Shaun Doherty
Keir Starmer’s sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey was both opportunistic and profoundly ideological. It enabled him to identify himself with western...
by John Newsinger
Even in the middle of the Dominic Cummings scandal, it still comes as a surprise that the person put in charge of Track and Trace by Matt Hancock is...
by Yousef Asfour
The 1st of July is the date of Israel’s 1967 annexation of the Jordan valley. What does it mean? If we ask president Donald Trump he will say: “The...


Iannis Delatolas

Protests that swept the US have deepened to involve pro-migrant campaigns and trade unionists from a host of associations. Iannis Delatolas of Marx 21 in the US reports on changing times

John Newsinger
The uprisings that ended slavery We are told William Wilberforce brought about the abolition of slavery. As John Newsinger explains, it was the slaves themselves that fought bloody rebellions in...
Brian Richardson

The global solidarity shown to BLM protests testifies to a growing general discontent, especially during the pandemic. This gives us chance to push for ever more radical demands, argues Brian...

Leila Hassan, Farrukh Dhondy

Darcus Howe was a towering figure both in Britain and internationally. Possessed of a sonorous voice and sharp intellect, he edited the journal Race Today and remained deeply committed to race...

Lee Humber

Lee Humber completes the fourth part of his analysis of medicine’s response to the pandemic with a critique of the global machine that more and more dominates our healthcare


by Laura Miles

Without awaiting the findings of a public consultation on the issue, the Tories have rejected self-identification for trans people. Laura Miles argues we need bold action to reverse the decision...

by Petros Constantinou

Petros Constantinou reports on how EU moves to isolate and confine migrants in buffer zones along the Greek/Turkey border are being resisted

by Harold Wilson

From the US to Africa, Korea, Europe and beyond, millions have marched against racism and police violence. Harold Wilson begins our global round-up with the explosion of anger in Britain

by Brian Champ

Brian Champ in Toronto reports on an upsurge in demonstrations against institutional racism and violence

by Baba Aye

Socialist Review reports from a continent facing an unprecedented economic collapse

by Selma Oumari

Widespread police violence has ensured demonstrations over the murder of George Floyd have brought victims together with tens of thousands of protesters. Selma Oumari reports from Paris

by Daniele Fayer
In solidarity with the BLM movement in the US, at the beginning of June in Belgium 1,200 people gathered in Antwerp, 750 in Ghent and 200 in Hasselt. In Brussels, between 10,000 and 12,000 people...
by Kadijatu Dem Njie
There have been many rallies and demonstrations in Spain, such as those that took place on Sunday 7 June, organised by the newly formed Black, African, and Afro-descendant Community in Spain (CNAAE...
by Moyra Samuels

Three years after the devastating fire in the West London tower block, the public inquiry is being sabotaged by those who are most responsible for the disaster, writes Moyra Samuels

by Alan Gibson
Among the events Karl Marx identified as signalling the “rosey dawn of the era of capitalist production” was “the turning of Africa into a warren for the commercial hunting of black-skins.” From the...
by Judy Cox
Elaine Brown...


by Ifeoma Obi

Ifeoma Obi spoke to black workers from around Britain about the impact of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement

by Jang Ho-jong, by Kim Munseong, by Lee Jeongwon

Jang Ho-jong, Kim Munseong and Lee Jeongwon respond to questions about the pandemic and class struggle in South Korea


by John Newsinger

If you only read one journalistic account of Donald Trump’s America make sure it is Sarah Kendzior’s Hiding in Plain Sight. It is certainly one of the most devastating indictments not only of the...

by Camilla Royle

Searching for Socialism is a history of the Labour Party from the 1970s until 2019. Its authors, the Canadian academic Leo Panitch and British author Colin Leys, have condensed their 2000 book,...


Many Mouths is “a study of the material and the symbolic importance of feeding programmes initiated by the British government for particular target populations from the 1830s through the 1960s”....

by Nadia Sayed

The Black Lives Matter movement led by young people is rapidly shifting the discussion around racism. At the same time, the scale and energy of the movement is bringing people together, black and...

by Rena Niamh Smith

RTJ4 Album by Run the Jewels
The fourth album by Run The Jewels, namely rapper Killer Mike and rapper-producer El-P, is a timely release. RTJ4 hits hard at the rotten, racist police system...

by Brian Richardson

Veteran filmmaker Spike Lee’s latest release examines the multilayered nature and impact of racism, money, war trauma and father figures. Four black army veterans meet up 50 years after their tour...


Online Exhibitions: Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery
Browse the online adaptations of National Portrait Gallery exhibitions and collection highlights with Google Arts & Culture....