Socialist Review issue

June 2012 #370

Eurozone crisis: The fightback


by Charlie Kimber

British politics has not reached the same pitch as the turmoil in some other parts of Europe. But that does not mean that the processes are...

by Jack Farmer, by Mark L Thomas, by Estelle Cooch
Adrian Beecroft seems to have all the answers. Unemployment presently blights the lives of millions of Britons and looks set to increase as Britain...
by Ian Rappel

Twenty years since the Rio Earth Summit, Ian Rappel looks at the growing ecological crisis and how we can rekindle resistance.

by Brian Richardson

Judge Red


Hannah Dee

These are troubling times for the police. The march against cuts by 30,000 off-duty officers in May took place against a backdrop of widespread revulsion at police involvement in News...

Mark L Thomas

The crisis in Europe has entered a new phase. 2008 saw the onset of the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. In 2010, and especially from 2011, there was a marked upswing in resistance, with a...

Giorgos Pittas

Socialist Review spoke to Giorgos Pittas, a journalist from the Greek socialist newspaper Workers' Solidarity, about the political situation in Greece following elections in May that saw a...

Luke Stobart, Joel Sans

In March 2011 several regular Guardian columnists analysed the crisis in the Spanish state and the response to "austerity" by the population. All agreed that young people were "apathetic" and even...

Brian Parkin

Since its inception, critics of nuclear power have concentrated on the industry's lamentable safety record, its growing and deadly radiological legacy for future generations and its links to...


Letter from
by Suzie Wylie

Suzie Wylie looks at the motives behind the Argentinian government's expropriation of one oil company.

In my view column
by Ruairidh MacLean

Science fiction computer game Mass Effect has won acclaim from critics and gamers alike for its innovative approach to interactive storytelling.

Revolutionary Lessons
by Sarah Creagh

Economy Class

Culture column
by Jack Farmer

Recently Shakespeare has been popping up everywhere, even more so than normal. Alongside the usual productions there is an exhibition coming to the British Museum and lots more smaller...


by Roddy Slorach

Notably absent from the more recent hype around London 2012 is any reference to the "Olympic legacy" so loudly promised us in the first few years.


by Joseph Choonara

Costas Lapavitsas

by Estelle Cooch

Eric Berkowitz

by Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

Terry Eagleton

by Clare Fermont

Katherine Boo

by Sasha Simic

Hilary Mantel

by Arnie Joahill

Noam Chomsky

by Tom Fitzpatrick

Tom Bullough

by Simon Basketter

Tom Watson and Martin Hickman

Classic reads
by Richard Bradbury

Richard Wright

by Mary Brodbin

Director Ken Loach
Release date: 1 June

by Nicola Ginsburgh

Director Susanne Rostock

Release date: 8 June

by Sarah Cox

Available online on ITV Player

by Alison Smith

Writer Laura Wade
Duke of York's Theatre, London

Art / Exhibitions
by Noel Halifax

Barbican, London