Socialist Review issue

June 2014 #392

After the Elections....


by Mahmoud Ezzat
"We have seen a massive turnout at the polls culminate in Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's election as president with 93 percent of the vote in the midst of...
by Joseph Choonara
Labour leader Ed Miliband has repeatedly pledged to end "exploitative" zero-hours contracts. We can safely assume that he does not plan to abolish...


Mark L Thomas
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold." So wrote the Irish poet W B Yeats as he surveyed the turmoil across Europe in 1919. It would be an exaggeration to say that Yeats words fit Europe...
Mark L Thomas

The shock results for Ukip are dragging mainstream politics further to the right, including the Labour Party. Mark L Thomas argues that this can only give a further boost to the racists.

Sylvestre Jaffard
The European elections saw a huge victory for the fascist Front National (FN) in France. The FN came out on top with 25 percent of the votes. This is the first time in its history it has secured...
Jorn Andersen
The big winner of the EU elections in Denmark was the right populist Danish People's Party. With 26.6 percent of the votes it became the biggest party and doubled its MEPs from two to four....
Panos Garganas

The Euro and local elections have confirmed that the surge in support of the left wing Syriza was not a flash in the pan. But the party is now shifting to the right.

Andy Durgan
The election of five MPs from the anti-capitalist Podemos ("We Can") in Spain has rocked the political establishment. Formed only four months ago, Podemos won a staggering 1.2 million votes -...
John Molyneux
The recent Euro and local elections showed the left making major advances and gave proof of a substantial process of radicalisation in the Irish working class. For more than 80 years politics in...
Ian Taylor

Has the outsourcing of groups of workers limited their ability to fight back? Ian Taylor looks at recent strikes that challenge this claim, while Kevin Devine looks at the growth of outsourcing....

Elaheh Rostami-Povey

Political and social changes are reflected in the work of a new wave of young Iranian artists. We look at the art and its relationship to the country's turbulent history.

Alex Callinicos

The current crisis of capitalism has coincided with a renewed interest in Marx's Capital. Socialist Review spoke to Alex Callinicos about his forthcoming book examining Marx's understanding of...


In perspective column
by Kevin Devine

The effective privatisation of public sector jobs can be resisted by shop floor militancy.

Culture column
by Bob Light
10 September. Write that date in your diary NOW. If you can afford it, book a holiday; if you can't, stock up with sick-bags. You will need them because on that day the Invictus Games will begin. You...
In my view column
by Ian Mitchell
On the afternoon of 18 June 1984 thousands of striking miners were fleeing from a politically orchestrated attack by baton-wielding riot police. This day is known as the Battle of Orgreave....


by Roddy Slorach
Last month's SR featured a really useful and timely article by Ellen Clifford highlighting the re-emergence of disability activism. Ellen emphasised the differences between much of the current...


by Chris Newlove

The Radical Case for Scottish Independence covers a wide range of topics including the rise of neoliberalism in Scotland, mainstream parties, British nationalism, and Yes Scotland's and Better...

by Sarah Ensor

Leon Trotsky and his wife, fellow revolutionary Natalia Sedova, arrived in Norway in June 1935 after their supporters persuaded the newly-elected Norwegian Labour government to give them asylum...

by Jeff Jackson

This volume of essays was initially conceived as a collection of contributions and articles (or "Festschrift" to give such a work its proper name) in honour of the Marxist professor, writer and...

by Noel Halifax

Magnus Hirschfeld was central to the German gay rights movement at the turn of the 20th century. From the 1890s to the 1930s he was a member of numerous committees, societies, campaigns and...

by Brian Richardson

When Cyril Lionel Robert (CLR) James died in May 1989, he was a seemingly marginal and inconsequential figure. His death in a tiny flat in Brixton, south London, appeared symbolic.


Art / Exhibitions
by Dave Gibson

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Until 2 November

Art / Exhibitions

Turner Contemporary, Margate. Until 21 September

by Sally Campbell

Playhouse Theatre, Until 23 August

by Saba Shiraz aka Kali Rayt

Inspired by true events, the film Belle follows the case of a young mixed race woman named Dido Elizabeth Belle, who is raised by an aristocratic family in 18th century England.

She was...

by Anthony Hamilton

Dir Ryan Coogler, Out 6 June

by Robbie Shaw

Dir Ken Loach, Out now

by Scott Harris

DJ Sprinkles, Re-issue out now