Socialist Review issue

June 2020 #458

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The growing divide



Instead of addressing the root causes of police violence, the authorities have done nothing

by Marie Feltesse

There have been a series of hundreds-strong demonstrations outside hospitals


Lee Humber

The pharmaceutical industry is not only systematically hindering effective treatments for Covid-19, its drive for profits is distorting the whole process of drug treatment

Camilla Royle

Boris Johnson’s government has taken weeks to launch a procedure that has been used to contain a host of epidemics in the past. Camilla Royle investigates the reasons behind the latest disaster....

Kambiz Boomla

Are BAME people more likely to die from Covid-19 because of genetics, diabetes, or even vitamin deficiencies? No, argues Dr Kambiz Boomla, racism lies at the heart of the differing death rates....

Brian Richardson

The disproportionate number of BAME death rates during the coronavirus pandemic need to be investigated, but Brian Richardson argues, only if we tackle the racism that underpines them

Rob Ferguson

The recent revelations of the stomach-churning opinions and activities among the top echelons of the Labour Party are not an aberration but symptomatic of Labourism


by Judy Cox

In the second of our monthly series we celebrate the lives of union organiser Mother Jones and India independence leader Bhikaiji Rustom Cama

by Michael Roberts

Socialist Review spoke to Marxist economist Michael Roberts about mounting debt, the long recession, and the future prospects for capitalism in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

by Rena Niamh Smith

The pandemic has driven the fashion industry into in a deep crisis, leading to an in-depth questioning not only of the incredible waste involved, but its actual role in society


by George Paizis

George Paizis remembers the South African freedom fighter who spent 22 years in jail for his part in opposing the apartheid regime, and was to become a leading defender of Palestinian rights.