Socialist Review issue

March 2003 #272

Millions say no to war


by Editorial

Last month's demonstrations against the war were truly historic. With two million on the streets of London, and millions more protesting in cities...

by Andrew Stone

The next few weeks will see a mixture of bribery and coercion as George Bush and Tony Blair attempt to veil military self aggrandisement in the...

Phone number sold for £1 million - Trains from Paddington to New York? - Oil and the 'Economist' - MPs' Email Problems

The US, which claims to be going to war against the scourge of biological and chemical weapons, is preparing to use such weapons in the...

by Lindsey German

Where do you go when you've brought 2 million onto the streets?

by Huw Williams

The crisis that has engulfed Blair and New Labour will be exposed in the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections in May.

by Andrew Stone

'Green Monday', went the Downing Street spin last month as Tony Blair introduced the government's new energy white paper. Unfortunately there was...


Lindsey German

The 15 February protests were historic, but now we must step up the pressure to stop Bush and Blair.

Alex Callinicos

A mass movement's strategy towards the state is vital to its success.

Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez got a taste of people when he visited Argentina recently.

Andy Newman

Andy Newman explains the strategic importance of Britain to the US war machine.

Mike Davis

Mike Davis analyses the Pentagon's plans for a revolution in military affairs.

Julie Waterson

The Nazi BNP believe that they're on the verge of a breakthrough at the May local elections. But the growth of left wing forces shows there is a power to beat them.

Ian Birchall

Ian Birchall reviews a new book on anti-capitalism by Alex Callinicos.


by Martin Empson

The massive anti-war have produced no shortage of reports and comment on the internet.

by Chris Harman

The growth of the anti-war movement means greater forces to deal with the dangers from the far right.

by Mike Gonzalez

Picasso's 'Guernica' depicts the cost of conflict. Mike Gonzalez explains why it's time it was discovered again.

by Pat Stack

This is a war without reason, justification or explanation.


by Saroj Giri

India, like the report about Britain (February SR), also saw a spate of anti-war protests--in Delhi, Calcutta and Bombay.

by Jonathan Neale

During a weekend of anti-war protests in Cairo to coincide with 15 February's international day of action demonstrators were warned of more mass arrests. Riot police surrounded a rally to prevent...

by George R Waddle

The sight that greeted me on 15 February as the protest against war on Iraq began its slow but methodical move towards Hyde Park was truly amazing. As Andrew Stone predicted in last month's...

by William Halpern

Mike Haynes's article 'Facing Down the Evil Empire' (February SR) identifies the links between the motivation for military proliferation, the desire for war, and questions of global economics,...

by Gary Crowe

What an excellent article on the late Joe Strummer (January SR), and the lyrics to 'White Riot' still inspire today.

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

In his review of Welcome to the Desert of the Real!, the latest book by the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, Alex Callinicos remarks that despite Zizek's intermittent political 'misses', he's...

by John Newsinger

Shaun Doherty's review of Peter Mullan's 'The Magdalene Sisters' (Feburary SR) was spot on. It is also worth drawing your readers' attention to Mullan's earlier masterpiece, 'The Orphans', which...


by Brian Manning

Brian Manning pays tribute to Christopher Hill, an outstanding historian of the English Revolution.


by Helen Shooter

Review of 'No One is Illegal', Steve Cohen, Trentham Books £17.99

by Mike Gonzalez

Review of 'Cutting the Wire', Sue Branford and Jan Rocha, Latin America Bureau £14.99

by Frank Henderson

Review of 'British Intervention and the Greek Revolution', John Newsinger, Socialist Historians Society £2.75

by Brian Richardson

Review of 'In Black and White', Donald McRae, Scribner £18.99

by Tom Wall

Review of 'Censored 2003', ed. Peter Phillips, Seven Stories £12.99

by Dragan Plavsic

Review of 'Marx and Anglo-Russian Relations and Other Writings', D B Riazanov, Francis Boutle Publishers £10

by Phyllis Kenny

Review of 'Little Italy', Terry Cooke, Bluecoat Press £7.99

by Sasha Simic

Review of 'Solaris', director Steven Soderbergh

by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of 'Frida', director Julie Taymor

by Mubin Haq

Review of 'Adaptation', director Spike Jonze

by John Newsinger

A history of American war films

by Stephen Philip

Review of 'The War Game', director Peter Watkins

by Nicola Field

Review of 'The Duchess of Malfi' by John Webster, National Theatre, London and touring

by Leo Zeilig

Review of 'A Night in November', by Marie Jones, Tricycle Theatre, London