Socialist Review issue

March 2005 #294

Make poverty history


by Editorial

Tens of thousands are set to gather in London on 19 March for the next big anti-war demonstration. The anti-war movement must now gear itself up...

by Editorial

The promised panacea of processed supermarket food tastes more unpleasant than ever with the discovery that hundreds of products have been...

The pension revolt gathers strength.

by The Walrus

Nothing better illustrates the utter cynicism at the heart of New Labour than the timing of its decision to launch an all-out assault on public...

by Jim Fagan

The changes that New Labour is proposing to the NHS pension scheme have provoked real anger among health workers.

by Pat Stack

The IRA's recent withdrawal of their offer to put their arms 'beyond use' might have been expected to cause widespread panic about the future of...

by Liv Lewitschnik

It was just before 1pm on Monday 14 February when the sunlight suddenly became sharper, my office building in east Beirut shook and a horrific...

by Les Levidow

Long before George Bush declared a 'war on terror' in September 2001, Britain already had a head start with its own anti-terror laws. But its...


Chris Nineham

A new protest movement has emerged which challenges the priorities of the G8, as Chris Nineham explains.

Ian Rappel

The solutions put forward at a recent conference on climate change in Exeter are inadequate, writes Ian Rappel. Our ...

Andrew Murray, Lindsey German

Leading figures in the Stop the War Coalition Andrew Murray and Lindsey German have just written a compelling account of this unique movement. Here we print extracts from their book.

Ian Birchall

Paul Foot's final book The Vote: How It was Won and How It was Undermined is a splendid piece of historical writing, says Ian Birchall.

Kevin Devine

Mergers aren't all they are cracked up to be.

Peter Morgan

Migrants face violence, intimidation and insecurity when working in Britain - so says a new report released by the TUC. Peter Morgan spoke to Bridget Anderson, one of the report's authors.

Alban Pryce

Both the main parties are feeding a new generation of racist myths over the issue of asylum.

Sally Campbell

The facts to undermine the racist myths, and useful links for more information.


by Chris Harman

New Labour is presenting its attack on pensions as a necessary response to the ageing of the population. But in reality something else is at stake - the latest stage in ratcheting up the stakes in...

by Mike Davis

Mike Davis pays tribute to Malcolm X, killed forty years ago

by Martin Empson

Corporations are finding new ways to dominate search indexes.

by Andrew Stone

The latest royal doings provoke our columnist.


by Hassan Ali

Patrick Connellan, 'Thought for the Play' (February SR), is far too one-sided in his survey of all that he...

by Richard Dillon

Patrick Connellan makes some strong points concerning freedom of expression and opposition to censorship ('Thought for the Play',...

by Dan Mayer

I was disappointed by Patrick Connellan's article about the play Behzti ('Thought for the Play', February SR...

by John Newsinger

The Aviator is an accomplished piece of cinema, but Stephen Philip is right to criticise its politics (Movie News,...

by Dave Gardner

Both Barry Curtis and Phil Hall deny...


by Lindsey German

Arthur Miller lit up the darkest days of the 20th century.


by Andrew Stone, by George Monbiot

Andrew Stone speaks to acclaimed environmentalist and Guardian columnist George Monbiot about the threat posed by global warming.


by Judy Cox

Ian McEwan's new novel doesn't live up to the hype.

by Charlie Hore

Review of 'Soweto Blues', Gwen Ansell, Continuum £14.99

by Lindsey German

Review of 'So Now Who Do We Vote For?', John Harris, Faber £7.99

by Christophe Chataigné

Review of 'Torture and Truth', Mark Danner, Granta £16.99

by Henry Maitles

Review of 'The Russian Roots of Nazism', Michael Kellogg, Cambridge University Press £45

by Simon Assaf

Review of 'The Fall of Baghdad', Jon Lee Anderson, Little Brown £14.99

by Kelly MacDermott

Review of 'Diet for a Dead Planet', Christopher D Cook, New Press £14.99

by Sarah Ensor

Left books about women - Books from skips - House of Bush, House of Saud - Lev Kamenev - Australian women - Against the war

by Judith Orr

Judith Orr takes on the right wing moralisers - review of 'Kinsey', director Bill Condon

by Nick Grant

Review of 'Life is a Miracle', director Emir Kusturica

by Stephen Philip

The Chorus - 9 Songs - 70s American cinema

by Sally Campbell

Review of 'Wild East' by April de Angelis, Royal Court, London

by Tom Foot

Review of 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare, Southwark Playhouse, London

by Andy Ridley

Review of 'A Dream Play' by August Strindberg, National Theatre, London

by Sabby Sagall

Review of 'La Clemenza di Tito', David McVicar, English National Opera, London and 'The Magic Flute', David McVicar, Royal Opera House, London

by Jimmy Ross

Review of 'The Writing on the Wall', Tony Benn and Roy Bailey

Art / Exhibitions
by Colin Gill

Review of 'Africa Remix', Hayward Gallery, London until 17 April