Socialist Review issue

March 2008 #323

Has the US lost?


by Mike Gonzalez

Fidel Castro has resigned from his position as head of the government of Cuba after 49 years in charge.

by Leo Zeilig

George Bush's five nation visit to Africa last month received some absurd congratulations.

by Patrick Ward

"The management freedom given to academies should be rolled out across the whole state sector," said Richard Tice, chair of Northampton Academy...

by Ian Taylor

The cost of living rose at an annual rate of 2.2 percent in January if you believe the government's Consumer Price Index (CPI).

by Patrick Ward

Marshall Adame, ex-marine and Democrat congressional candidate for North Carolina, has incurred the wrath of mercenary firm Blackwater, whose 7000...

by Patrick Ward

Back in 2000 Fox News announced George W Bush's "victory" before the results had even finished being counted, leading to the widespread media...


Paul Rogers

The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan look ever more entrenched. But, Paul Rogers argues, the only solution for the world's most powerful nation and its allies will be withdrawal

Solomon Hughes

It started with an article on a private security company in Bosnia. Solomon Hughes then became drawn into an investigation which was to expose the ever growing profits made from the privatisation...

Judith Orr

We need to get ready for a big battle over abortion rights, argues Judith Orr, and the deluge of moral outrage about women's lives that will accompany it

Patrick Ward

The City of London has become a tax haven for the super-rich, overseen by Gordon Brown with, alarmingly, no complaints from Mayor Ken Livingstone. Patrick Ward looks at the history and humbug that...


Letter from
by Christine Buchholz

Growing economic inequality and corruption have led to huge gains by the left. Christine Buchholz writes about the successes of Die Linke, and the challenges ahead

In my view column
by Lindsey German

Race has been an issue in London all my life.

Union-made column
by Les Skarratts

Once again public services are under attack. The current round of government grant settlements, essential money for local authorities from central government, has been decided.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

If, as some people on the left claim, the term "imperialism" is out of date, who are the world's multinationals depending on to defend their interests?

Culture column
by Martin Smith

"Could we film you going into your house?" asks filmmaker Spike Lee of Mrs Blanchard.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

Terence Blanchard's latest album, A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina), is about the abandonment of the people of New Orleans by the Bush administration. Here the composer,...

A-Z of Socialism
by Pat Stack

Bob Dylan's song "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" begins with words that are the cornerstone of justification for the justice system in model capitalist democracies.


by James Haywood

Chris Harman's article on the financial crisis (Feature, Socialist Review, February 2008) highlighted the...

by Terry Ward

One of the most insidious of crimes committed by the Thatcher government was the privatisation of the building societies (Feature, Socialist Review,...

by Roger Cox

It was interesting to read about the struggles in Kenya following the elections (Frontlines, Socialist Review, ...

by Sally Kincaid

It was good to read Alex Kenny's column on the NUT teachers' union ballot and pay campaign (Union-made, Socialist Review,...


by Shaun Doherty

Writer Ronan Bennett talks to Shaun Doherty about the lead up to the Iraq war, the ignorance of New Labour and being a political writer


by Terry Wrigley

Stephen Ball, Policy Press, £12.99

by Nick Clark

Robert Peston, Hodder & Stoughton, £20

by Miriam Scharf

Fred Wander, Granta, £12.99

by Rob Owen

Daniel S Greenberg, Chicago University Press, £14

by Chris Bambery

Donald Sassoon, Harperpress, £14.99

by Ingrid Lamprecht

Alaa Al Aswany, AUC Press, £13.50

by Jacob Middleton

David Miller and William Dinan, Pluto Press, £14.99

by John Newsinger

Tim Weiner, Allen Lane, £25

by Dominic Kavakeb

Kasra Naji, IB Tauris, £12.99

by Rachel Thomas

Joseph Siracusa, Oxford University Press, £6.99

by Sasha Simic

Khaled Al Khamissi, Aflame Books, £8


United Fruit Company - Degrees of climate change - Miéville for children - Migrant fruit picker fiction

by Jinan Coulter

Director: Brian De Palma; Release date: 14 March

by Beccy Reese

Director: Fatih Akin; Release date: out now

by Richard Seymour

Director: Sylvester Stallone; Release date: out now

by Simon Assaf

Director: Philippe Aractingi; Release date: 21 March

by Sofie Mason

A glance at some upcoming intriguing and challenging plays

Art / Exhibitions
by John Rees

Bodleian Library, Oxford, until 26 April

Art / Exhibitions
by Roger Huddle

Hayward Gallery, London, Until 27 April

Five Things Listing

Pioneering modern art - machines for living - radical exhibition - imperialist history - TV triumph