Socialist Review issue

March 2009 #334

Nationalism is not the answer


by Barry Pavier

The final stage of the Sri Lankan army's offensive to capture territory held by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is approaching, with...

by Nick Clark

The desertion of New Labour's welfare reform adviser Sir David Freud to the Tories highlighted how little there is to choose between the main...

by Patrick Ward

The Israeli general election has resulted in Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party being invited to form a new government.

by Christophe Chataigné

"We managed to topple the government using the best of non-violent protests, civil disobedience and political satire," - 24 year old receptionist...

by Patrick Ward

The fight by the Mail on Sunday (MoS) against extremism continues.

by Patrick Ward

"Use of foreign labour set to rise six-fold under SNP", shouts a press release from the Scottish Labour Party.


Martin Smith

Nationalism is always a dead end for the working class movement, argues Martin Smith, after the wildcat strikes that demanded "British jobs for British workers"

Hsiao-Hung Pai

Francesco and Gianluca, like their 98 Italian colleagues housed on a barge at Grimsby Fish Docks, had arrived in late January on a four-month contract to work at the French oil giant, Total, at...

Robert Jackson

There are 267 different firms employed at Lindsey oil refinery alone. Is European law keeping bosses in line with national agreements on pay and conditions? Robert Jackson reports

Judith Orr

A steady stream of recent articles blames "macho behaviour" for the financial crisis. Judith Orr challenges the assumption that women would do it better.

Jim Wolfreys

The birth of the New Anti-capitalist Party in France is a welcome development for those opposed to neoliberalism. Over 9,000 people from different political backgrounds have already joined up. Jim...


Letter from
by G M Tamas

The economic crisis has led to politicians blaming the poorest for society's problems, and the rise of the far right, writes G M Tamás

In my view column
by Lindsey German

Every mass campaign has its symbols. For me the most moving of the Gaza campaign were the dolls dressed in bloodstained baby clothes, carried by children or teenagers, brought up to the front of...

Union-made column
by Donie Fell

We're in occupation to stop our factory from being shut down. The glass industry in Waterford is making a profit but not enough to satisfy corporate greed.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

From the European Union to Barack Obama, promises have been made to give priority to a "green agenda". In reality, they are using the recession to go into reverse.

Culture column
by John Molyneux

The selection of Mark Wallinger's proposal for a giant white horse for Ebbsfleet international station in Kent is an event of some cultural significance.

A-Z of Socialism
by Ian Birchall

In 1919 the Communist International was born. Throughout Europe and beyond new Communist Parties were founded, generally by splits in mass reformist parties. As anyone who has been through a split...


by Pete Wearden

In an excellent article on the development of the theory of natural selection and its social and political context, it was very welcome to see Alfred Russel Wallace given his due place (...

by Nick Grant

I recently read Stephen Jay Gould's essay on "Natural Selection and the Human Brain", from his collection, The Panda's Thumb.

by Phil Webster

In his review of Darwin's Sacred Cause, by Adrian Desmond and James Moore, Terry Sullivan (Books, Socialist...

by Andrew Stone

I am puzzled by Millie Fry's statement that in 1964 "the civil rights movement had yet to explode onto the scene" (Culture,...


by Gareth Jenkins

Edward Upward, the last of the 1930s generation of left-wing British writers, has died at the age of 105. It is astonishing to think that someone who was in his late 20s when the Wall Street Crash...


by Sabby Sagall, by Judith Orr, by Julie Christie

Oscar winning actor Julie Christie talks to Sabby Sagall and Judith Orr about her work and political commitment and how she feels about the media treatment of women in the public eye in the age of...


by Jonathan Neale

The Afghan resistance is spreading and winning. The resistance has largely cut off the Khyber Pass, the main road from Pakistan, and has effective control of half the country.

by Joseph Choonara

John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff, Monthly Review Press; £10.95

by Mike Simons

Francis Beckett and David Henke, Constable; £20

by Charlotte Bence

Hans Fallada, Penguin; £20

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Alain Badiou, Verso; £12.99

by Peter Dwyer

Catherine Lutz, Pluto Press; £17.99

by Judith Orr

Nechama Tec, Oxford University Press; £7.95


Segregation - Failed Gods - White Tiger - Secret Diary

by Tom Behan

Director Paolo Sorrentino; Release date: 20 March

by Louis Bayman

Director Kelly Reichardt; Release date: 6 March

by Jess Edwards

Director Laurent Cantet; Release date: out now

by Eamonn Kelly

Directors Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg

by Andrew Stone

Director Max Roberts; National Theatre, London, Until 14 April