Socialist Review issue

March 2013 #378

Greece: the battle lines sharpen


by Mark L Thomas

"The winner is: Ungovernability." So ran the headline of the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero the day after a general election whose result has...

by Jack Farmer

At the beginning of this month another major package of cuts was due to began taking its toll on the US economy.

by Estelle Cooch

To better understand the dynamics underlying the current economic crisis you wouldn't always think to start with tomatoes.

by Leo Zeilig

Leo Zeilig looks at the latest episode in a long and bloody history of Western imperialism in Africa, fuelled by the scramble for the continent's...


Nikos Loudos

Last month's general strike in Greece was an impressive response to attempts by the government to crack down on strikes and protests against austerity. Nikos Loudos, a Greek revolutionary...

Donny Gluckstein

Eighty years ago Hitler came to power, crushing the strongest workers' movement in the world. Donny Gluckstein, author of A People's History of the Second World War, looks at the fatal mistakes...

Sally Campbell

There has been a recent resurgence in writers about women's oppression looking to Marx and Engels for answers, with some arguing he crudely emphasised class at the expense of oppression. Here,...

Gary McFarlane

Thaddeus Stevens may not be as famous as Abraham Lincoln, but he played a major role in defeating slavery in the US. Gary McFarlane tells the story of this radical Republican senator who pushed...


In my view column
by Jim Fagan

When 37 night nurses walked out at the end of their shift at North Manchester General Hospital in January 1988 they made an immediate impact. Images of uniformed nurses on a picket line dominated...

In my view column
by Kevin Devine

What is the state of relations between employers and workers in the UK? This is the question the latest Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS), which has just come out, aims to answer.

Culture column
by Jack Farmer

The recently renamed Harold Pinter Theatre opened its doors last month with a production of Old Times. Jack Farmer looks at the way political themes are revealed in the most personal of situations...


Uniting in struggle Alex Callinicos makes an excellent defence of the politics of the SWP in his article, "Is Leninism finished?" (Feature, Socialist Review, February 2013). But I would like to...


by Socialist Review

Jack Farmer spoke to University of London cleaners about how they won the London Living Wage and union recognition by staging an unofficial strike


Classic reads
by Martin Empson

Rosa Luxemburg's short book Reform or Revolution is often overlooked these days, in favour of her more famous, The Mass Strike. Written while in her late twenties, Reform or Revolution...

by Camilla Royle

Jared Diamond

by Sonja Coquelin

Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin

by Evan Johnston

Alain Badiou

by Liz Wheatley

Mark Binelli

by Mark Bergfeld

Richard Wolff

by Zak Cochrane

Andor Skotnes

by Raph Pigott

Sophie Wahnich

by Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

Richard Yates

by Estelle Cooch

Yolanda Dominguez

by Patrick Ward

There are more than a few awkward moments in the official accounts of Britain's glorious history. For example, we have always loved our royal family - but we were also the first country in Europe...

by John Lockwood

Bertolt Brecht

Art / Exhibitions
by Jeff Jackson

At Tate Britain, until 12 May 2013

Art / Exhibitions
by Socialist Review

Marcel Duchamp was one of the most influential artists of the last century. Associated with the Dadaist movement, Duchamps managed to playfully and provocatively affect the course of modernism by...

by Rebecca Short

Rebecca Short reviews a new play that depicts the long-term effects of austerity and how it can be fought