Socialist Review issue

May 2002 #263

Imperialism and the Intifada


by Editorial

'The centre cannot hold.' This is the conclusion of the French presidential election, whose results sent shock-waves around the world.

by Jim Wolfreys

As polls closed after the first round of the French presidential election on 21 April exit polls were expected to confirm that the second round on...

Bush speech blunders - McDonalds sues complaining customers - US military fixes Star Wars tests

by Judith Orr

They came in their tens of thousands, young and old, black and white. Within hours of the news that Le Pen had come second in the first round of...

Can Le Pen's success be repeated in Britain? This is the big question as we go to press, with local elections only days away.

by Kevin Ovenden

Four years ago it all looked so different. Social Democratic parties had swept to office in all but three European Union states, in some cases, as...

by Paul Foot

A terrible squealing and squawking has been set up by the ruling class and their experts as they pretend to be 'shocked' by Gordon Brown's Budget...


Birmingham Defend Council Housing

The Birmingham Defend Council Housing Campaign recall how they inflicted a serious defeat on New Labour.

Simon Assaf

Anger against Israel's murder of Palestinians has led to mass protests throughout the Middle East. Simon Assaf reports from Lebanon.

Solomon Hughes

The deadly arms trade between Britain, the US and Israel

Neve Gordon

Israeli peace activist Neve Gordon is shocked at the actions of a former fellow student.

Sabby Sagall

There was nothing generous in Israel's last offer to the Palestinians.

John Rose

A revolution throughout the Middle East is key to solving the problems of the Palestinians, argued John Rose in 1986. We reprint an extract from his pamphlet.

Tom Behan

Tom Behan looks at the growing working class struggle in Italy.

Keith Flett

May Day has long been a celebration of working class movements and struggle. Keith Flett looks at the radical history of international workers' day and how this can provide inspiration for today...

Jo Benefield

Report from a Marxist Forum in Bristol


by The Walrus

The rising cost of living and shortages of labour means London's workers now have more industrial power.

by Chris Harman

As renewed political crisis sweeps Argentina, Chris Harman following a recent visit to the country argues there is a huge opening for the revolutionary left, provided it breaks from its sectarian...

by Mike Gonzalez

Has the dream of the hippy commune now turned into a nightmare?

by Pat Stack

Thatcher has at last agreed to shut up, although Tony Blair has now continued her legacy.


by Phil Butland

Alex Callinicos is right (April SR). Anti-capitalism is growing--and not just in Britain.

by Nick Savage

Alex Callinicos's article 'Unity in Diversity' (April SR) was a useful description of the relationship between revolutionaries and organisations such as Globalise Resistance and the Socialist...

by Alan Goatley

Recently 90 people were arrested in Johannesburg after a demonstration at the mayor's house. Some 49 are still held in prison, awaiting trial. The demonstration was built by the Soweto Electricity...

by Hugh Lowe

Regarding the Walrus article on pensions 'Move Over Darling' (April SR), I think the article is too detached from the struggle and has no clear class content. There are also some important...

by Richard Greeman

The Victor Serge Public Library has been functioning in Moscow for three years.


by Yuri Prasad, by Linton Kwesi Johnson

Linton Kwesi Johnson spoke to Yuri Prasad about poetry, music and the fight against racism.


by Judith Orr

Review of 'Power Politics', Arundhati Roy, South End Press £7.99

by John Newsinger

Review of 'The Scar', China Miéville, Macmillan £17.99

by Beccy Reese

Review of 'Five Past Midnight in Bhopal', Dominique Lapierre, Simon and Schuster £17.99

by Dave Renton

Review of 'The Wearing of the Green', Michael Herbert, IBRG £11.95

by Hazel Croft

Review of 'Rethinking Welfare', Iain Ferguson, Michael Lavalette and Gerry Mooney, Sage £16.99

by Fiona Prior

Review of 'At Swim, Two Boys', Jamie O'Neill, Scribner £19.99

by Julian Goss

Review of 'Tigers of the Snow', Jonathan Neale, Little, Brown £18.99

by Mark L Thomas

Review of 'Marx's Revenge', Meghnad Desai, Verso £19

by Nicolai Gentchev

Review of 'No Man's Land', director Danis Tanovic

by Sue Jones

Review of 'Shockheaded Peter' by Heinrich Hoffman, Albany Theatre, London

by Karen Mee

Review of 'Richard III' by William Shakespeare, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

by Dave Beecham

Review of 'The Night Heron' by Jez Butterworth, Royal Court Theatre, London

by Susan Ross

Review of 'Red Clydeside' by Alistair Hulett, Jump Up Records

Art / Exhibitions
by Emma Schad

Review of Artists Against the War

Art / Exhibitions
by Judy Cox

Review of 'The Invasion Handbook', Tom Paulin, Faber and Faber £12.99