Socialist Review issue

May 2009 #336

On the road to recovery?


by Joseph Choonara

Alistair Darling is "Red All Over", wailed The Times. "Return Of Class War", screamed The Daily Telegraph.

by Dave Crouch

The Zionist lobby has been deeply damaged by Israel's assault on Gaza in January. It is now trying to claw back some of the ground it lost - with...

by Michael Eaude

This January, as unemployment in Spain reached 3 million, the Minister of Labour, Celestino Corbacho announced, "The worst is over. We will not...

by Eddie Cimorelli

Three decades of the neoliberal project have wrought significant changes to British society, all with New Labour's unabashed aim of making Britain...

by Patrick Ward

Since December 2007, 5 million US workers have been thrown into unemployment, with 8.5 percent of the country without work. Depressing news -...

by Patrick Ward

As seen in the recent expenses rows, government ministers have a huge talent for sniffing out a few extra bucks. One minister has managed to...


Chris Harman

The media greeted the London G20 Summit as a great success and declared it to be "the day the world came together to fight recession with a plan for economic recovery and reform". Chris Harman...

Weyman Bennett

Elections next month may see the Nazi BNP win their first MEPs. But, argues Weyman Bennett, the threat of fascism can, and must, be challenged

Mike Davis

With deaths mounting in Mexico authorities warn of a swine flu pandemic. Mike Davis argues that governments, pharmaceutical companies and agribusiness create the conditions for these health crises...

John Newsinger

In Chicago the Great Depression led to the witholding of teachers' wages. John Newsinger shows how the teachers fought back - and won

Ken Faro

The death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London last month has reopened the debate on police accountability. Filmmaker Ken Fero remembers those who have died while in police custody and...


Letter from
by Comrade Sung

After the brutal repression of anti-government protests last month Comrade Sung gives her assessment of the movement

In my view column
by Lindsey German

I have been on two demonstrations where protesters were killed and on a few more when I thought someone would be killed.

Union-made column
by Linda Bartle

The occupation at former Ford plant Visteon wasn't planned. We came down here to get our personal belongings after we heard that we had all been sacked with immediate effect.

In perspective column
by Ian Taylor

Talk of the existence of a unique and specifically deprived white working class being discriminated against conceals the real issue of class inequalities

Culture column
by Pat Stack

There was a time when the BBC produced some of the finest drama series. Not so now. US channels such as HBO have been leaving them standing.

Culture column
by Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien looks at the recent controversies over England People Very Nice and Seven Jewish Children

A-Z of Socialism
by Amy Leather

As economic crisis, war and poverty sweep the globe many people rightly feel that capitalism is failing us. For anyone wanting to challenge the system the question of who has the power to bring...


by Dr Salim Haidrani

Geoff Brown's analysis of Pakistan shows how a country which was the product of British imperialism continues to support the proxy wars of the US in the region (Feature,...

by Jackie Mulhallen

I found the interview with Julie Christie very interesting (Interview, Socialist Review,...

by Dino Bressab

I was amazed by your correspondent Berit Kuennecke's assessment of Bernhard Schlink's The Reader, which Kuennecke describes as a "very good novel" in her review of Good (Films,...

by Kurt Eren

The interview with David Harvey was very interesting (Interview, Socialist Review, April 2009).


by Hassan Mahamdallie

Liz Fekete, Pluto; £17.99

by Rob Jackson

Joseph Choonara, Bookmarks Publications; £7.99

by Ian Birchall

Tristram Hunt, Allen Lane; £25

by Esme Choonara

Olivier Besancenot and Michael Lowy, Monthly Review Press; £12.95

by Megan Trudell

Mickey Friedman, University of Illinois Press; £17.99

by Elaine Graham-Leigh

Anthony Giddens, Polity; £12.99

by Mary Brodbin

Jonathan Littell, Chatto & Windus; £20

by Nicola Field

Peter Akinti, Jonathan Cape; £12.99

by Nick Clark

Philip Augar, The Bodley Head; £20

by Simon Basketter

Paul Mason, Verso; £7.99

by Gaverne Bennett

Luke Bergmann, The New Press; £17.99


Beijing Coma - Chicago - Lost Riders - Free?

by Mike Gonzalez

Director: Paul Morrison; Release date: 8 May

by Ken Olende

Director: JJ Abrams; Release date: 8 May

by Bob Light

Director: Charles S Dutton; Writers: Ed Burns, David Simon and David Mills

by Martin Smith

The Specials, The Jam and The Clash articulated the anger and pain felt by millions of young people during the early years of the Thatcher era. Today a new generation of young people are being...

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