Socialist Review issue

May 2020 #457

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The price we pay


by Shaun Doherty

It is beggars belief that Piers Morgan and The Sunday Times have been much more effective in calling out the government than the opposition

by Mark Brown

Edinburgh has tail-ended the disastrous Covid-19 policies of Westminster

by Yousef Asfour

The Israeli occupation seized tents in the West Bank that were being used as emergency clinics reports Yousef Asfour, Palestinian activist living...


Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson pays tribute to the contribution BAME health workers made to the NHS, and the terrible price they are now paying.

Lee Humber

As COVID-19 continues to inflict terrible damage, it is the privatisation of social care, and the undermining of the NHS, that is the root of the crisis now facing healthcare


by Judy Cox

We begin a monthly celebration of some of the most dynamic, fighting women from history.


by Liz Wheatley
We’re used to musicians announcing their retirement, quickly followed by their ‘comeback’ tour and album. But when Bill Withers quit in 1985 he was true to his word, performing just one final gig for...
by Siobhan Brown
The US singer-songwriter John Prine died on 7 April, following complications from Covid-19. Prine had a profound influence on the American folk-country scene with a career that spanned more than 50...


by Ruby James

Cultural flows have proved more multi-directional than commentators could have imagined

by Ira Bundy

Since the days of Derrick Comedy, Donald Glover has been hitting nothing but net. Straight out of college he was writing for and acting in award winning shows.

He got bored, derived the...

by Gareth Jenkins

What marked his artistic development was the impact of the Enlightenment revolution in ideas, particularly of freedom, equality and fraternity, that found material expression in the French...

by Raj Perreira

This book represents what has largely become mainstream thinking on race, gender, sex and sexuality. Argawal argues that a large body of human behaviour, especially oppression, prejudice and...