Socialist Review issue

November 2002 #268

Anger turns to action


by Editorial

By any standards it has been a bad month for Tony Blair. One of the strongest and most powerful groups of workers, the firefighters, threatened...

by Nicolai Gentchev

The brutal storming of a Moscow theatre by Russian forces last month led to the deaths of 117 hostages and all 50 hostage takers.

Most company boards ignore social and environmental issues - London Eye and British Airways debt problems - US Justice Department Loses Computers...

by Andrew Stone

The froth surrounding the potential 'rebranding' of the European Union should not distract from the real economic and political issues being...

by Clare Fermont

We're all still bubbling with excitement in Hackney Socialist Alliance after the Foot for Mayor campaign, despite our collective exhaustion.

The landslide victory of the Workers Party (PT) candidate, Lula da Silva in the Brazilian presidential election in October, was of historic...

by Editorial

Tony Blair's speeches on the firefighters could have been written by the 'Sun'.


Chris Bambery, Peter Morgan

The firefighters' action has revived talk of the winter of discontent in the 1970s. Chris Bambery and Peter Morgan look at what happened.

Lindsey German

The Stop the War Coalition has created the biggest anti-war movement in generations.

Mubin Haq

The Afghan tragedy continues.

Tom Behan, Andrew Stone

All eyes will be on Florence this month when the European Social Forum comes to town. Tom Behan analyses the Italian left while Andrew Stone talks to some activists who will be attending.

Chanie Rosenberg, Frank Henderson, Ian Birchall

We pay tribute to the life and work of Duncan Hallas, who died recently.

Duncan Hallas

How do working people win improvements in their lives, and how do they hold on to them?


by Martin Empson

Anyone who has ever used Hotmail--one of the most popular online e-mail systems--will have noticed that junkmail, or spam as it is called, is much worse on its service than any other.

by The Walrus

Add up housing costs and average wages and £30k looks modest.

by Chris Harman

The aims of fair trade face a hostile system.

by Mike Gonzalez

The Vietnam War still has the power to horrify.

by Pat Stack

Pat Stack sees the sectarian roots of the Northern Ireland state showing through.


by Simon Hester

Your 'Alternative Dossier', (October SR) was a welcome demolition of the half-truths, fabrications and downright lies being used to justify slaughter in Iraq. It is essential we expose the...

by Stuart McCabe

With regard to the UN sanctions against Iraq mentioned in 'The Alternative Dossier' (October SR), under Resolution 661 imports such as food and medicine were specifically exempt from the embargo...

by Richard Searle

If there was such a machine as a bullshit detector, then the needle would have gone off the dial. There's a 1960s poem with the constant refrain of 'Tell me lies about Vietnam'. Without the irony...

by Ben Drake

As an active SWP member who also loves football, recent articles and letters apparently having a pop at the beautiful game have really wound me up. Happily, Pat Stack's wise and sympathetic...

by Keith Flett

I agree with Chris Harman that Eric Hobsbawm's autobiography shows both the best and worst sides of him (October SR)--on the one hand, the defender of Marxist history, with whom readers of '...

by Ben Watson

I read Lee Billingham's article 'Revolutions Per Minute' (October SR) with interest.

by Muhammad Salleh

Lee Billingham (October SR) addresses the evolution of politics within the world of music, but apart from a fleeting reference to System of a Down, almost entirely ignores the rock and metal genre...


by Jane Shallice

Jane Shallice pays tribute to Joan Littlewood whose recent death robs us of one of the greatest and most left wing architects of modern British theatre.


by Chris Nineham

Review of 'Fences and Windows', Naomi Klein, Flamingo £8.99

by Marnie Holborow

Review of 'The Resistible Rise of Benito Mussolini', Tom Behan, Bookmarks £8

by John Rose

Review of 'In Search of Fatima', Ghada Karmi, Verso £16

by Norah Rushton

Review of 'A Different World', Liverpool Women's History Group, Bluecoat Press £7.99

by Solomon Hughes

Review of 'Free at Last!', Tony Benn, Hutchinson £25

by Hazel Croft

Review of 'The Autograph Man', Zadie Smith, Hamish Hamilton £16.99

by Ian Birchall

Review of 'The Workers' and Peasants' State', eds. Patrick Major and Jonathan Osmond, Manchester University Press £15.99

by Talat Ahmed

Review of 'Striking Terror', eds. Robert B Silvers and Barbara Epstein, New York Review of Books £10.99

by China Miéville

Review of 'Donnie Darko', director Richard Kelly

by Martin Smith

Review of 'Laissez-Passer', director Bertrand Tavernier

by Andrew Stone

Review of 'Bowling for Columbine', director Michael Moore

by Nick Grant

Review of 'Changing Lanes', director Roger Michell

by Chanie Rosenberg

Review of 'Footprints', director Ben Hopkins

by Kevin Best

Review of 'Imprint', Young Writers Programme, Royal Court Theatre, London

Art / Exhibitions

Review of exhibition 'Anthem for Doomed Youth', Imperial War Museum, London