Socialist Review issue

November 2008 #330

Bailout of capitalism


by Judith Orr

Politicians and economists across the world are dusting off their copies of the works of economist John Maynard Keynes. Suddenly the free market...

by Patrick Ward

"We need a tougher immigration policy and we need to stop seeing it as a dilemma. It's not. It's easy. I'm going to do my best to help the British...

by Jane Bassett

When education secretary Ed Balls announced the abolition of Key Stage 3 SATs examinations for 14 year olds this month virtually no one came to...

by Shaun Doherty

The crisis of international capitalism will have a myriad of unforeseen consequences, one of which will be its impact on the privatisation of...

by Patrick Ward

In October the government increased its guarantee on savings from £35,000 to £50,000. This means that if you have savings of up to this amount,...

by Patrick Ward

The £5.5 billion bailout of Lloyds TSB came as Gordon Brown promised to crack down on bankers' bonuses. But the bank's chief executive, Eric...


Mark L Thomas

The era of globalisation meant that national states would have no role in modern capitalism. This was a myth accepted by many, left and right. Mark L Thomas argues this was never the case and...

Kevin Devine

The collapse of the subprime mortgage market last year which spread to the global banking system is now biting into the real economy and employment, writes Kevin Devine.

Joseph Choonara

How do the billions wiped off the stock market relate to the rest of the capitalist system? Joseph Choonara goes back to Karl Marx to explain.

Mike Davis

The US ruling class are desperate to rescue their system from catastrophe. Mike Davis looks at what the new incumbent of the White House faces and what this means for ordinary Americans.

Sarah Ensor

As the collapse of Iceland's economy threatens workers' living standards there, Sarah Ensor reveals how the Icelandic working class met the depression of the 1930s with militant resistance.


Letter from
by Manfred Ecker

Manfred Ecker reports from Vienna on what is behind the growth of support for the Austrian far right parties.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

My first thought when the government bailed out Northern Rock last year was, where the hell does it find this kind of money when there's never a spare million for a new school or hospital?

Union-made column
by Amanda Logan

Thousands of bus workers across London have been part of a defiant fight against the privatised bus companies.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

Economists, both left and right, are championing Keynes as the answer to the crisis. Since his theories do little to challenge the fundamental grip of capitalism, isn't it time for those on the...

Culture column
by Martin Smith

You won't be surprised to know that I don't have much in common with Jamie Oliver.

A-Z of Socialism
by John Rees

How is it that history makes an unexpected leap forward?


by Tom Davies

John Molyneux gives the Francis Bacon exhibition a sympathetic review (Culture, Socialist Review, October 2008...

by Mark Longden

I read with interest Alex Callinicos's review of Mark Steel's latest book (Books, Socialist Review, September...

by Shehryar Qazi

The circumstances surrounding the economy are obvious (Socialist Review, October 2008). The political elite and the...


by Noel Halifax

Sheila Rowbotham, Verso, £25

by John Newsinger

Simon Schama, The Bodley Head, £20

by Andy Coles

Paul Preston, Constable, £20

by Dave Sherry

Conor Foley, Verso, £14.99

by Ken Olende

Ken MacLeod, Orbit, £18.99

by Simon Basketter

Kevin Bean, Liverpool University Press, £16.95

by Simon Behrman

Israel Shahak, Pluto Press, £12.99

by Paul Sillett

The Clash, Atlantic Books, £30

by Michael Bradley

Stephen V Ash, W W Norton, £15.99


George Orwell - Iraq - Double cross - Roddy Doyle

by Pat Stack

Director: Steve McQueen; Release date: out now

by Ian Birchall

Director: Uli Edel; Release date: 14 November

by Sasha Simic

Director: Ari Folman; Release date: 21 November

by Louis Bayman


by Simon Behrman

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Art / Exhibitions
by Colin Wilson

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