Socialist Review issue

November 2014 #396

Hong Kong


Bankers were crowing at the end of October when it was revealed that “only” 25 Eurozone banks failed stress tests conducted by the European Central...
by Robert Fraser
Unite’s decision to call off a local government strike in October is well known. Less well publicised has been the union’s role at Luton-based...
by Phil Turner
Support is growing for a “People’s Inquiry” into the Rotherham sex abuse scandal. Barrister Michael Mansfield QC has already agreed to help such...
by Paul Sillett
The EDL has fragmented since it suffered a series of defeats at the hands of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) over the past few years. Its leader,...
by Julie Sherry
The NHS unions have announced the next national strike date, Monday 24 November, for health workers across England. Unions taking part in the action...
by Michael Bradley
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) there were 6.5 million trade union members in the UK in 2013. That’s well below the 13.1...
Bosses’ pay has risen by 21 percent in the past year, while average wages for workers have fallen in real terms. According to a new report from...
The new university year in Egypt kicked off with a series of demonstrations by students angry at draconian anti-protest laws passed by the goverment...


Au Loong Yu

Hong Kong's Occupy movement has inspired and engaged vast numbers of young people. Au Loong Yu, a revolutionary socialist, assesses its strengths and weaknesses following pitched battles with the...

Charlie Kimber

There is a strong tradition of intervention in elections from the revolutionary left. Charlie Kimber learns from the experiences of Marx, Engels and Lenin, while confronting the reality of today...

Lam Chi Leung

Lam Chi Leung is a revolutionary socialist based in Hong Kong. He spoke to Sally Kincaid and Sally Campbell about the future of the Umbrella movement one month on.

Simon Assaf

The Western coalition attacks on Iraq and Syria will only build support for the Islamic State, argues Simon Assaf, as the movement has grown out of the persecution of Sunni Muslims in both...

Roddy Slorach

War trauma has been suffered by soldiers for centuries, but it took on a whole new scale during the industrialised slaughter of the First World War. Roddy Slorach exposes the callous treatment of...

Jo Cardwell

Jo Cardwell looks at the trajectory of Ukip after their Clacton by-election victory, and sets out a plan of action to challenge their rise.


In perspective column
by Joseph Choonara

October's market jitters show how confidence in the recovery can flip into panic. But what underlies the turmoil?

Culture clash
by Bob Light
That sound you can hear is a bandwagon starting to roll. Four years after everyone else it has finally dawned on the Labour Party that their leader is inept. Step forward Alan Johnson. Johnson has...
Culture column
by Hassan Mahamdallie
Exhibit B, a walk-through art installation featuring black performers and looking at the themes of “racism, ‘othering’ and the colonial history of Europe in Africa”, was due to have a short run in...
by Simon Assaf

After the sudden loss of a revolutionary who inspired and organised young activists in the Middle East, Simon Assaf records Bassem Chit's legacy.

by Tokunbo Oke

As the Ebola crisis continues to rage across West Africa, Tokunbo Oke recalls the history of colonialism and neoliberal policies, which has ravaged the continent and left many states unable to...


by Sally Kincaid
It amazes me that the shadow secretary of state for education can take trips to South East Asia and come back having learnt the wrong lessons. Tristram Hunt visited Singapore recently and returned...
by Donny Gluckstein
The April edition of Socialist Review reported on a dispute by lecturers in the EIS union at Edinburgh College. A bullying management, led by an intransigent principal, wanted a major increase in...


by Elaheh Rostami-Povey

For centuries the Yezidis (most scholars use the Yazidis spelling) have lived in today’s Kurdish regions of Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Armenia. Throughout history this ancient community has suffered...

by Dave Sherry

Heard ye o’ the Tree o’ France,
And wat ye what’s the name o’ it?
Around it a’ the patriots dance,
Weel Europe kens the fame o’ it?
It stands where ance the...

by Tom Kay

In his first novel, Comrades Come Rally, Phil Brett creates an interesting detective story set against a complex background of revolution, state murder and sharp dress sense.

Set in the...

by Chris Newlove

Brand’s call for revolution resonates not only with people who reject austerity but also with those who reject the system as a whole. His YouTube show Trews is massively popular, particularly the...

by Sarah Bates

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, an unemployed thief who becomes a freelance video journalist to escape a life selling scrap metal.

With the aid of a police scanner and a car he is first...

by Peter Robinson

“We’re going to break an unbreakable Nazi code and win the war” says Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) near the start of this new biopic of the computer pioneer.

For anyone who doesn’t...

by Sheila McGregor

Concerning Violence is a new film by Göran Hugo Olsson, (director of The Black Power Mixtape), based on Frantz Fanon’s classic book The Wretched of the Earth. It is illustrated with archival film...

by Saba Shiraz aka Kali Rayt

East is East is a priceless modern classic about the tensions among conflicting cultures in multiracial Britain.

Pakistani chip-shop owner George Khan (played by the author Ayub Khan Din)...

Art / Exhibitions
by Roger Huddle

At the centre of his understanding of art, William Morris saw an inseparable connection between the imagination of the worker and his or her labour.

His concept of art was not simply...

Five Things Listing

The Fall
Series 2 begins 14 November, BBC 2
Gillian Anderson returns as dour Met detective Stella Gibson, transplanted to Belfast to investigate a series of...

by Alan Gibson

“I am convinced that climate change represents an historic opportunity to advance policies that dramatically improve people’s lives, close the gap between rich and poor, create huge numbers of...

by Noel Halifax

Mike Leigh’s new film has Timothy Spall as artist William Turner. It recreates the artist’s life and early 19th century England in meticulous detail with warts, bad teeth and all.


by Sally Campbell

Krautrock is rather an offensive term. It certainly isn’t one that any of the bands that emerged out of the West German 1968 generation would use to describe themselves.

The term came from...