Socialist Review issue

November 2020 #462

Neoliberal meltdown


by Lee Humber
It’s all about “The Great Reset”. In a few months’ time, in the wake of a year of pandemic and lockdowns, world leaders will meet at the World...
by Shaun Doherty
Faced with the twin crises of the Covid-19 pandemic and the looming Brexit deadline it is looking increasingly likely that Boris Johnson’s...
by Gareth Jenkins
The long, drawn out trial of Golden Dawn has ended in a spectacular victory for the antifascist movement in Greece. The court found Golden Dawn...
by Sabby Segal
Boris Johnson has offered key positions in the media to his right-wing Tory allies. Paul Dacre, former editor of the viciously anti-trade union Daily...


Richard Donnelly

What lies behind the surge in groups such as QAnon? Social media has played its role in amplifying their dangerous theories, but they are feeding on real and growing social tensions, writes...

Rob Hoveman

Beset by endless political and social crisis, market crashes, banking disasters and ultimately a failure to reverse the falling rate of profit, has neoliberalism come to the end of the road? asks...

Refugee Activist

In the first of a two-part series, written before the tragic death of four refugees who drown crossing the English Channel in October, a Calais-based refugee activist writes about the conditions...

Raj Perera

When the masses of Paris overthrew the French aristocracy the ideals of their revolution were adopted by
the slaves of France’s wealthiest colony. Raj Perera tells the story of the...


by Virginia Rodino

Amid Donald Trump’s bluster and threats over the forthcoming presidential race, the real power to fundamentally change the sick system is on the American street, says US activist Virginia Rodino...

by Harkan Karakaya

With the first operational power plant only a decade away, can nuclear fusion live up to its promise of green power?

by Jan Neilsen and Alan Gibson

Central to neoliberal ideology is selling off public services, welfare and utilities to the private sector. The result has been disastrous for users. Jan Neilsen and Alan Gibson introduce our...

by Carlo Morelli

By forcing students back to college, the government and university authorities have abandoned them to an ill
thought out strategy of ‘herd immunity’, and the consequences are a wildfire of...

by Iain Ferguson

Mental health services have become focused on generating profits and the use of labour-saving technologies as a key way of achieving this. Iain Ferguson looks at recent developments.

by Mark Brown

The recent attacks on the BLM movement in Glasgow has exposed the alliance of loyalism with the far right, reports Mark Brown

by Brian Richardson
Stand Up To Racism Conference Germany, Austria, Nigeria and the US, came together in a 2,000-strong online Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) conference in October. The event featured a series of forums...
by Rhoda Thomas

The government announced a new initiative to tackle obesity, but it is limited, poorly resourced and fails to
acknowledge that the stress of living under capitalism is a major cause of the...

Culture column
by Noel Halifax & John Molyneux

John Molyneux spoke to Noel Halifax about his new book The Dialectics of Art, published by Haymarket Books.

by John Newsinger
Politics in Britain at the end of the eighteenth century was described as the “Old Corruption”. The state was, at every level, in the hands of the great landowners and their allies. It was used to...


by Josh Largent & Martha Snow

Film and TV
David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet (Netflix)
As has come to be expected, David Attenborough draws us into a magnificent natural world and captivates us in awe at the...

by Paul Holborow

This is the question circulating in the minds of virtually everybody on the left in British politics. How did we go from the heady days of the General Election of 2017 to the defeat of 2019 and...

by Rajith Perera

Black Spartacus, Sudhir Hazareesingh Allen Lane, £25
This is a gripping biographical account of Toussaint Louverture (1743-1804), the greatest black revolutionary leader emerging within the...

by Noel Halifax

United Queerdom Dan Glass Zed Books, £12.99
Dan Glass’ United Queerdom: From the Legends of the Gay Liberation Front to the Queers of Tomorrow is partly an autobiography, partly programmes...

by Simon Gilbert

Hong Kong in Revolt Au Loong-Yu Pluto Press, £16.99
There is very little written about Hong Kong from a left wing perspective, so this analysis by a socialist and participant in last year’s...

by Vivek Lehal

Welcome to Britain Colin Yeo, Biteback Publishing, £20
Home Secretary Priti Patel announced in her speech at the Tory party conference that she intends to fix the “broken immigration system...

by Cate Roberts

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay Simon Hannah Pluto £16.99
Former Tory leader William Hague said the government’s recent exam U-turn fiasco threatened to be another poll tax — 30 years after a mass...

by Kevin McCaighy

Ernest Bevin Andrew Adonis Biteback, £20
With this new biography of Ernest Bevin, Andrew Adonis (former MP and cabinet minister under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown) offers a view of the trade...