Socialist Review issue

October 2006 #310

Politics after Blair


John Rees

John Rees examines the strategic choices that those who oppose war and neo-liberalism face in the post-Blair era.

Third World Report (Africa)
Richard Seymour

The crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan is once more in the news. George Clooney and US ambassador to the United Nations (UN) John Bolton formed a bizarre alliance to call for Western...

Third World Report (Asia)
Yoginder Sikand

Readers of this magazine will doubtless be familiar with the rampaging anti-Muslim bias which afflicts the media in the West. Unfortunately, the same attitudes are also rooted in large sections of...

Third World Report (Latin America)
Roger Cox, Joseph Choonara

The fledgling left wing administration in Bolivia faces growing challenges to its programme of reforms.

Third World Report (Middle East)
Liv Lewitschnik

Kamil Mahdi interviewed


by Noel Douglas

Sometimes when advertisers stop attempting to sell us that brand of toilet paper or this brand of baked beans and apply their creative energies to a more needy and worthwhile cause they can...

by Mike Davis

These days the visitor crossing from the Mexican city of Tijuana to San Diego in California is immediately slapped in the face by a huge billboard screaming, "Stop the Border Invasion!" Sponsored...

by Lindsey German

To blame unhealthy children on women is ignoring what the market has done to childcare and people‘s lives in the last two decades.

by Jacob Middleton

The rise of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the past 30 years has been dazzling.


by Alan Haynes

I have a great deal of respect for Lindsey German, but I feel I must write in response to her "New Friends, Old Enemies" column (...

by Sam Ross

Lindsey German's article "New Friends, Old Enemies" (September SR) contained some very serious errors.

by Daphne Lawless

"I don't think it's impossible for someone to come up with porn that is good for women," says Ariel Levy in her interview with Judith Orr (...

by Joe Hartney

Noel Douglas says of the Cesky Sen hoax (September SR) that, "like much of the best art, Cesky Sen... provokes...

by Terry Wrigley

In last month's Socialist Review, Chris Harman makes some very important points.


by Andrew Stone

Governments and big business clamour to show their green credentials but their 'solutions' fall way short of what is necessary. George Monbiot talked to Andrew Stone about his new book, Heat...

by Charlie Kimber

'My book is not just about people thrown into a war where we watch them die. It is about people who have full lives and how war changes them'. The award winning author of Purple Hibiscus,...


by Chris Harman

Chris Harman is impressed by a new collection of Marx's journalistic writings on India which helps demolish the myths that Marx was a supporter of 'progressive' imperialism.

by Esther Leslie

Review of 'Weimar in Exile', Jean-Michel Palmier, Verso £29.99

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

Review of 'Reflections on the Marxist Theory of History', Paul Blackledge, Manchester University Press, £12.99

by Viren Swami

Review of 'The Music of Life', Denis Noble, OUP £12.99

by Brian Richardson

Review of 'After The Storm', editor David Dante Troutt, The New Press £13.99

by Moira Nolan

Review of 'Paula Spencer', Roddy Doyle, Jonathan Cape £16.99

by Ken Olende

Review of 'The House That Trane Built', Ashley Kahn, Granta £20

by Jacqui Freeman

Review of 'For Bread Alone', Mohamed Choukri, Telegram £9.99

by Paul Sillett

Review of 'Stars are Stars', Kevin Sampson, Jonathan Cape £11.99

by Jim Wolfreys

Review of 'I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed', Director Serge Le Péron

by Lee Salter

Review of 'John Pilger - Documentaries That Changed The World', Network Films £29.99

by Yuri Prasad

In the 1960s, blues and folk singer Julius Lester put his voice at the disposal of the US civil rights movement. He talked to Yuri Prasad about how music and politics mixed.